In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there is more to worry about than monsters and magic. Amid all the chaos, a new battle is brewing – the Wine Wars. Two influential vineyards are locked in fierce competition for the title of the best wine in the realm. As a witcher, you find yourself caught in this conflict, tasked with uncovering the truth behind the sabotage and deception plaguing the vineyards. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about completing Wine Wars in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine DLC.

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The Wine Wars questline can be very straightforward if Geralt remains unattached, but the story becomes more complicated once he becomes engaged in the Belgaard feud. Wine Wars: Belgaard is divided into two parts.

Wine Wars: Belgaard (Part 1)

Wine Wars: Belgaard is a quest Geralt can acquire by checking out the Toussaint notice board outside of The Cockatrice Inn or heading straight to Plegmunds Bridge in Toussaint’s Sansretour Valley. Once you have reached the location, Geralt will come across Liam Coronata and Matilda Vermentino, who will be engaged in a heated dispute over control of the Belgaard Vineyard.

After a cutscene, Liam Coronata will ask for the player’s assistance in the Wine Wars: Coronata quest. And if players choose to help Matilda Vermentino, they will be given the Wine Wars: Vermentino quest and further progress the story.

There are 4 quests you need to complete as part of Wine Wars: Belgaard Part 1:

  • Wine Wars: Coronata
  • Wine Wars: Vermentino
  • Wine Wars: The Deus In The Machina
  • Wine Wars: Consorting

Wine Wars: Coronata

If Geralt decides to help Liam Coronata, he will give you 5 tasks.

  • Vineyard Infestation, located in the north of Coronata. Here you have to kill two Archespores, and then destroy the nest to complete the task.
  • Guarded Treasure, located northeast of Coronata Vineyard. After destroying another infestation of Archespores examine their bodies to get the Order Of Elegant Stationery. Read this document to learn of a plot to sabotage the vineyards. This will also open the option to investigate Coronata for answers; It is a requirement for starting Wine Wars: The Dues in the Machina.
  • Abandoned Site, located at Forest Herbarium, southeast of Coronata. There will be one Archespore here; when it is killed, Geralt will meditate automatically, and time will pass. Afterward, you can head over to the cart of dead bodies to find a note from Liam.
  • Hidden Treasure is located at Pittapatte River Crossing, north of Dun Tynne Crossroads. Here Geralt will encounter two rabid rock trolls. These two have to be killed to progress the quest.
  • Person in Distress, located in a cave north-northeast of the Trading Post. Geralt will have to fight three bandits who have captured Liam’s Herbalist. From there, you have two options; either escort the Herbalist or stay; if you choose to stay, you can search the area and loot some of the dead bodies, and you will be able to find a Dirtied Letter.

Once you’ve finished all five tasks, you can still do Matilda Vermentino’s quest. Even if you don’t do her quest, you can still get her reward after completing Liam Coronata’s quest. This will also change the outcome of Belgaard Vineyard based on Geralt’s choices.

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Wine Wars: Vermentino

If Geralt has decided to help Matilda Vermentino, She will also give you five tasks.

  • Guarded Treasure, located northeast of the Sansretour signpost. Once you have killed the two Archespores, examine their bodies. One of them will have a Heavy Brass Key and a Letter on Elegant stationery. Reading this letter to learn of a plot to sabotage the vineyards. This will also open the option to investigate Coronata for answers; It is a requirement for starting Wine Wars: The Dues in the Machina.
  • Hidden Treasure, located southwest of the Prophet Lebioda Statue. When you reach there, clear out the Rotfiends. You will not only find a Journal from a dead body, but it will also trigger the Don’t Take Candy from a Stranger quest.
  • Abandoned Site, located at Dantan Glade, northeast of Fort Astre Ruins. There will be two Archespores. By killing the Archespores, Geralt will automatically meditate, and time will pass. After that, you can search the bodies to find a letter.
  • Person in Distress, located west of Herbalist’s Hut, west of Fox Hollow. Here you have to save Matilda’s Armorer from three bandits. Once you have killed all three bandits, he will ask you to go with him back to Vermentino. You also have the option to stay.
  • Abandoned Site, located at Pavone Slope, south of Lac Celavy. Here you will find one Archespore; kill it. After that, you can loot one of the bodies in the cart for a Love Letter.

Once you have finished all five tasks, you can undertake Liam Cononata’s quest. Even if you don’t complete this quest, you can still receive the reward from Liam after finishing Matilda Vermentino’s quest. This will also influence the outcome of Belgaard Vineyard based on Geralt’s choices.

Wine Wars: The Deus In The Machina

The “Wine Wars: The Deus In The Machine” quest begins after investigating either the Vermentino or Coronata-guarded treasure sites. Geralt will discover that someone is damaging both vineyards. To learn more, go to the Abandoned Storehouse located south and east of Tesham Mutna ruins. Once you arrive, enter the lower door. Inside, you will find a small room where an Archespore will be waiting. Defeat the Archespore and use Witcher Senses to find the next clue. Two paths will lead to the fate of Belgaard’s Vineyard. It is up to you to decide the next step.

Wine Wars: Consorting

Upon completing the “Wine Wars: The Deus In The Machina” quest, Matilda and Liam will discover the actual saboteur of both vineyards and will plan to form a consortium to purchase Belgaard Vineyard. Before they can do so, unresolved issues must be addressed in the “Wine Wars: Vermentino” and “Wine Wars: Coronata” quests. Once you have completed these tasks, return to them to receive your rewards.

Wine Wars Belgaard (Part 2)

After completing the first five tasks assigned by Liam or Matilda and you decided to help them to resolve the matter of Belgaard Vineyard, five more tasks will be given to you.

  • Vineyard Infestation, located northeast of Begaard Manor. Here you will encounter an Endrege warrior, a drone, and two workers who have infested this part. You have to take them out and then destroy the nest. If you search the nearby body, you will find Thierry Pire’s Journal.
  • Guarded Treasure, located in the west of Gelenser Farm. Here you will encounter two giant centipedes, kill them and loot the body and you will find the Letter to Gregory Pyxide.
  • Person in Distress, located on the beach north-northeast of Termes Palace Ruins. You will have to save Balgaard’s Blacksmith from five bandits after taking all five bandits down. He will ask you to return to Balgaard with him, or you can stay without consequences.
  • Monster Nest, located northeast of Tesham Mutna Ruins, southeast of Francollarts. Here kill the two giant centipedes and destroy their nest. You will find a body with a List Bearing Belgaard’s Seal.
  • Abandoned Site, located at Tilly Field, southeast of Hortense Vineyard. Here kill the one Slyzard, then you can loot the bodies in the cart for a Letter Bearing Castel Ravello’s Seal.

Head back to Belgaard to collect your payment. If you resolved the feud between Liam and Matilda, they would invite you to revisit them. Return in 3 days, and they will create a new wine and ask you to give it a name. You can choose between “Geralt of Rivia,” “White Wolf,” or “Butcher of Blaviken.” The first two options have the exact statistics, but “Butcher of Blaviken” lasts 5 seconds longer, providing better regeneration.

That’s all you need to know about completing Wine Wars in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine DLC. Need more help? Here are some guides you might like:

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