Blood and Wine, DLC of The Witcher 3, has an excellent narrative and profound lore to explore. In the deepest depths of this enchanting lore, you will find the Unseen Elder. He remains nameless even after you reach his lair and meet up with him.

If you ask Orianna regarding the whereabouts of the Unseen Elder during ‘The night of the long fangs’ quest, only then will you be able to meet him. The next quest after the night of the long fangs is ‘Blood Simple.’ Immediately after this quest, you will have a choice to make. Either look for Syanna or convince Regis to take you to Unseen Elder. Geralt intends to use the Unseen Elder to stop Detlaff and his vampire minions’ attack on the city.

What Lies Unseen quest in The Witcher 3 begins with you and Regis on a small boat headed towards a hidden cave in the Southwest region of Beauclair. Regis tries hard to persuade Geralt to find Syanna. It would be best if you chose to go against his advice, and finally, he will lead you to the Unseen Elder’s lair.

Face-to-Face with the Unseen Elder
Regis will use the magic key given to you by Orianna to open up an entrance to the secret cave. You will have to fend off a few vampires on your way to the Unseen Elder’s chamber. They will not be the usual type of vampires you would expect, but they are still not quite hard to kill.

When you finally enter the chamber, you meet with the Unseen Elder. It turns out the Unseen Elder is a ‘forever alone’ kind of a sigma male as he does not take kindly to your presence, and with a single word, he freezes Regis. No matter your dialogue options, he will attack and suck your blood, leaving you very close to death and throwing you into another cave section.

Heal up and Gear up
Geralt wakes up dazed and clinging to life by a thread. Thankfully, you will find a healing potion nearby that you should consume immediately. You will also be missing weapons and gear, which you can find littered around the area you wake up in.

Follow the Mage’s Footsteps
Upon exploring the cave region where the Unseen Elder tossed you, you will find the remains of a camp set up by a mage. Following the clues and notes left behind by the Mage will lead you to conclude that a gift can be given to the Unseen Elder to get his attention.

You will have to fight off a few vampires in this part of the cave, and they can be challenging to take down. With full gear and total health, you can defeat them quickly.

Let’s Talk
After you find the ‘offering for the Unseen Elder,’ the cave will lead you back to the main chamber. This time the Unseen Elder will hear you out but make sure not to overstay your welcome.

You will have three dialogue options in front of you but only two chances to say the right thing to get him on your side. You choose two wrong options in a row, and Geralt is killed immediately by the Unseen Elder, and you will have to restart from the last checkpoint. The correct option is the third one if you find yourself stuck here.

Once you convince him that Detlaff might bring trouble to his doorstep, the Unseen Elder agrees to help you and sends you to Tesham Mutna for the showdown with Detlaff.

The most mysterious and exciting character of the whole Witcher 3 game is the Unseen Elder. Even more so than the ‘Master of Mirrors’ from ‘Hearts of Stone.’ Vampires arrived in this world during the ‘Conjunction of Spheres,’ and the Unseen Elder is the oldest and first to land here.

Instead of blending in and finding life among humans like Regis, he decides to stay close to where he first landed. Due to his love of his home before the conjunction, he stays in solitude.

People say the Unseen Elder represents obsession and love gone wrong. Still, I would describe him as emo, cranky, dangerous, and the opposite of a ‘delightful to meet’ type of guy.

This is all we have got on how to complete What Lies Unseen in The Witcher 3.

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