The Man From Cintra is the main quest of Witcher 3’s DLC Blood and Wine. For this quest, you need some suitable clothes, which can be acquired from Tailor’s Workshop, or you can head to Mountebank Alley. During night-time, you will encounter some bandits. They are bounty hunters waiting to kill you to get the reward on your head. The nearby guards will aid you in the fight; afterward, you can loot them. Once you have everything, equip them and head to the valley.

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Meeting the Duchess

When you have arrived at the desired location, you won’t be able to find the Duchess at that point. Wait for her. After she appears, talk to her, get the Mask from her, and make your way to the party.

Before heading to the party, you can learn about the performances by asking the doorkeeper. You can participate in these activities. Keep in mind that these activities are optional. These optional activities include:

  • Throwing paintballs at the canvas, located at the left of the stairs
  • Releasing the lantern by lighting it on the back railing
  • Pulling the rope from the mimes, who are located in front of the stairs
  • Drinking Absinthe, behind a pillar near the painting canvas
  • Watch the dolphin show
  • Watch the performance of Mage in front of the statue in the center

Finding Cecilia

Head into the first alcove on the left side, which faces toward the back railing. There you will find a painter at work, talk to the painter about his painting, and the conversation will lead you to something more intriguing. After the conversation, you will learn about Cecilia’s whereabouts.

The painter will tell you that she has seen Cecilia heading to the refreshment tables with Cintrian. Head to the refreshment tables and search the area for more clues. You have to find a heart-shaped box sitting on one of the tables.

Using your Witcher Senses will allow you to follow the scent around the courtyard and through a door to find a bodyguard. The bodyguard will offer his help as he identifies the duchess’ voice, letting you go upstairs. Now follow the scent trail to find Cecilia’s room, located in the middle. By opening the door, a cutscene will be played.

When you reach the room, you will find her dead (killed by throat slit) lying on the floor. Start examining the room for her kKiller, iller’s trails. You will also find a handprint on the door frame. Now head towards the balcony. From there, you will head to the next balcony. There, examine the broken pot and footprints. Climb up the ladder from there and enter the next room. There are several things you need to examine:

  • Smashed Mirror
  • Blood Stains
  • A Jewelry Box
  • A Snapped Chain
  • A Precious Stone
  • Necklace
  • An Empty Inkwell
  • A Slashed Canvas
  • A Hunting Knife
  • A Crooked Sconce
  • Blood on the Window Frame

After examining everything, a very long cutscene will be played after getting the knife and jewels. Responding to that conversation entirely depends on your decision. After Regis and Dettlaff appear, you can have a private conversation with Regis as The Man from Cintra ends.

This is all we have got in how to complete The Man from Cintra in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wiki page.

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