The School of the Manticore has crafted a remarkable set of medium armor, aptly named the ‘Manticore School Gear,’ and is now available in the Blood and Wine expansion. This gear was designed with witchers specifically in mind, offering an exquisite level of protection without sacrificing any agility whatsoever.

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It will be a challenging process if you are thinking about equipping Manticore School Gear. First, you have to search far and wide for the pieces of this grandmaster-level set, as they can be found in different places with various monsters blocking your way. The effort is worth it, though; not only does Manticore School Gear give you an edge over other sets, but its parts come together right away at the highest tier level. Discover how you can obtain the Manticore School Gear in The Witcher 3 with this helpful guide.

How To Get Manticore School Gear

Maximize your defenses by wearing the Manticore School Gear—a medium set of armor that bolsters Toxicity endurance and enhances protection. Equip three or six pieces for additional bonuses during battles. As with all Witcher Gear sets, you’ll need the Manticore set diagrams to craft each piece of the gear. As this is a Grandmaster-level gear, you will need to find an expert craftsman in Beauclair, the biggest city of Touissant.

Located in the heart of Beauclair, you can discover Lazare Lafargue – a renowned armorer and blacksmith shop. Yet if you want to craft the gear set, you’ll need to assist Lazare first in the side quest.

When you chat with him, ask about each of the Grandmaster Witcher Gear sets and Manticore. If you want to unlock the scavenger Hunt for the Manticore Gear diagrams, ask him about the Manticore set.

Manticore School Gear Diagrams (Locations)

There are six diagrams of The Manticore School Gear: two for swords (silver and steel) and four for armor pieces (chest, gauntlets, trousers, and boots). Search diligently to find all that you need.

The armor pieces are split into three separate locations. The trousers and boots map can be found in one area, while the gauntlets lie within another. The following are the diagrams:

  • Armor
  • Gauntlets
  • Boots and Trouser
  • Silver sword
  • Steel sword

#1 Manticore Armor Diagram (Location)

If you have already completed La Cage au Fou, then the Trastamara Hunting Cottage should be familiar to you. Head north from this location and locate a cave – it is here that holds the Manticore chest diagram. At the back of this cave, a chamber reveals itself with notices affixed to its walls. An inscription from the Witcher of Manticore School is on the right-hand side, labeled ‘Marten’s Prayer .’Upon closer inspection, you’ll uncover it is a Manticore chest diagram.

#2 Manticore Gauntlets Diagram (Location)

Venture to the Basane Farm at Lake of Cleansing’s base to uncover a Manticore Gauntlet Diagram. After arriving at the dock, dive into the lake and activate your Witcher Senses to locate a diagram near the bottom of it. This will expose an underwater container holding said diagram.

#3 Manticore Boots and Trouser Diagrams (Location)

If you have been searching for the Boots and Trouser Diagrams, your quest leads to the Temple of Lebioda, located in Toussaint’s northwest corner. Now, return to the rear of the temple and use your Aard sign on the stone wall that needs destroying. As soon as you enter the room, you will face a daunting presence – The Great Beggar’s Ghost. Yrden is an invaluable tool to assist you in evening out the fight and should be used wisely. After defeating the monster, activate your Witcher Senses to detect a diminutive trunk at the center. Open this chest to uncover diagrams for Manticore boots and trousers.

#4 Manticore Silver Sword Diagram (Location)

Navigate to the western shore of the lake that divides Beauclair Gardens and Ducal Palace, where you will discover a concealed chapel with an underground cavern.

A highly sought-after Manticore silver sword awaits within this obscure cave, waiting to be claimed. However, as you traverse the cavernous space, beware – a nauseating gas permeates its passages and could leave you feeling disoriented. Furthermore, as you traverse the cave, two Bruxae will block your way before finally reaching the opening at the back. Conquer these foes if you wish to advance.

After you come across the dimly lit tunnel with several beggars clustered around, take notice of the coins scattered about. Gather up all the coins and generously distribute them among these needy individuals. Once you reach the other side of the tunnel, enter a new chamber within the cave and find yourself face-to-face with Kikimores attacking a man. Quickly respond to this urgent situation by taking down these monsters.

Upon completing this task, you will observe a few rocks gradually leading toward the other end of the chamber in an upward direction. Climb along these rocks to gain access to the obstruction and use the Aard sign to clear out any blockages blocking your path.

Venture down the revealed path and eventually encounter a mysterious figure standing at a makeshift altar. In mere moments, he will suddenly disappear, leaving behind an ornate chest that holds the silver sword diagram within it.

#5 Manticore Steel Sword Diagram (Location)

To find the Manticore steel sword diagram, make your way towards Beauclair in a northwestern direction until you arrive at the ruins of Bastoy Prison.

For adventurers journeying from the south, a path will lead them to an ancient tower in disrepair. However, at its other end lies a forsaken tower of untold secrets and mysteries waiting to be discovered. After you ascend the tower, use your Witcher Senses to detect a loose brick in the wall. Behind it lies the Manticore steel sword diagram.

Crafting Manticore School Gear

NoCrafting ItemsWhat Ingredients Do You Need?
1Manticore Armor2x Cured Draconid Leather2x Dimeritium Plate2x Monster Ear2x Monster Eye
2Manticore Gauntlets1x Cured Draconid Leather1x Meteorite Silver Plate1x Monster Hair1x Monster Blood
3Manticore Trousers2x Monster Blood1x Cured Draconid Leather1x Dimeritium Plate1x Monster Claw
4Manticore Boots4x Monster Claw2x Monster Blood1x Cured Draconid Leather1x Dimeritium Plate
5Manticore Silver Sword2x Leather Scraps2x Dimeritium Ingot1x Ruby1x Monster Brain
6Manticore Steel Sword2x Leather Scraps2x Dimeritium Ingot1x Ruby1x Monster Brain

That’s all for the locations of Manticore  School Gear Diagrams! Now all you need is to craft your Manticore School Gear and be ready to explore the world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Good luck on your journey! 

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