In Wolf’s clothing might be one of the most exciting side quests of The Witcher 3. With multiple endpoints and a daunting curse, this quest can be very challenging to finish with maximum rewards. Several players face difficulty completing the quest, and even the ones who do never fully find out about the complete ending it has to offer. In this article, you should find a straightforward path to completing In Wolf’s Clothing in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt while maximizing the rewards, items, and Experience Points you can get.

It is hard to skip out on this quest as there are several ways you can stumble on it. The main quests, ‘Nameless’ and ‘Missing Persons,’ will land you at the mansion or Freya’s Temple, where this quest takes place.

If you forget to complete it along the main quests, you can start In Wolf’s Clothing by exploring the Temple of Freya and talking to Josta, the priestess. Even after all that, if somehow you missed out on this quest, you can head over to the notice board at Larvik and begin from there.

Once Josta has told you about Morkvarg, the cursed werewolf who can not be killed, you can investigate and talk to other priestesses and characters in the vicinity. You will learn of two names. Ulve, the archpriest, might have been the one to curse Morkvarg for attacking Freya’s Garden and his misdeeds. The second name will be Einar, a survivor of the events that occurred that day.

From Einar to Freya’s Garden
The first task should be to go and talk to Einar. He will seem suspicious because he was the one to curse Morkvarg, as you will find out later. He will tell you the lie that it was Ulve, the archpriest, but you can end your conversation for now and head on to Freya’s Garden.

Investigate around the garden until you find yourself at the point with two levers. One lever is to switch between floodgates, and the other is to open or close them. This mechanic will open different parts of the garden. For now, make your way to the cave with Morkvarg himself.

Kill Morkvarg and Explore Around
He will be in a cave talking to himself about some key. A cutscene will trigger, and you will have the option to kill him or leave. Be sure to kill him and take the ‘werewolf meat’ he leaves behind. He will not be dead because of the curse and will reappear when you return to the cave. You will be able to investigate a crack in the cave’s floor. The next objective will be to find the flooded cave, as it will contain the key you are looking for.

Back at the lever mechanism, it would be best if you explored the gate on the right side first (the right side from the vantage point of the levers). Once you retrieve the key, go and explore the left side. You will find Morkvarg (near the werewolf leg on a chain) once again, and he will tell you how he always comes back from death due to the curse. You can listen to his story; he hints that eating his flesh might mean his demise.

Do not attempt to feed Morkvarg his flesh. It will successfully kill him, and you will even get the reward from Josta, but we are not after that. Most players end the quest here, but if you are after maximum rewards, continue.

The key you will have (from exploring the right-side floodgate) will open up the house next to the sacred tree in Freya’s Garden. You will find Morkvarg’s journal, along with many lootable items. The journal reveals that Einar was part of Morkvarg’s crew back in his looting and pillaging days. He lied to Geralt.

Back to Einar
Confront Einar, but since we want to lift the curse, choose peaceful options only. It is crucial to get as much information out of him as possible. If you fight Einar and his crew, you will be able to loot the Fang that was used to curse Morkvarg, but Geralt will not know that giving the Fang to Morkvarg will lift the curse. You will only have the option to kill Morkvarg by feeding him his flesh. Einar will eventually give you the Fang willingly on the condition that once the curse is lifted, Morkvarg will be killed by Geralt.

The Resolution, Finally
Now comes the tricky part. Back at Freya’s Garden, you can give him the cursed Fang once Morkvarg is brought close to death during a fight. It will lift the curse, and you will be rewarded.

You can ask for the reward Morkvarg promised for lifting the curse, and he will tell you to go to the Loan Shark in Novigrad. It will give you 80 XP, but if you keep your promise to Einar and kill Morkvarg, you will be given 85 XP. The best path here is to find out how and where to get the reward from Morkvarg and then kill him before he leaves the cave. That way, you keep your promise to Einar and get the reward.

Do not feel too bad about killing Morkvarg once the curse is lifted. He makes it clear that he intends to return to his twisted ways of looting and pillaging. Once you find yourself at the Loan Shark in ‘The Bits’ region of Novigrad, you can ask for the reward. You will be given extra XP along with the Crowns you receive. Then finally, make sure to return to Josta to complete the original quest and get the remaining XP and money from her.

This is all we have got in how to complete In Wolf’s Clothing in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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