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The Witcher 3 Here Comes the Groom Walkthrough Guide


Tragedy and The Witcher 3 go hand-in-hand. Here Comes the Groom is a Contract you can complete for some extra money and XP, but the story makes it stand out. Even though contracts are optional and do not interfere with the main story, CD Projekt Red put so much care and thought into these contract quests that we recommend taking advantage of them. Once you are in the Skellige Isles, you will be able to find a notice board in Svorlag. This notice board will have the contract named Nils’ Disappearance. This contract can also be started during normal exploration. If you stumble onto the cave specifically involved in this contract, you can begin the quest without getting the contract from the noticeboard. This guide will help you complete Here Comes the Groom contract in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Britt’s fiancé, Nils, disappeared overnight and seeing his sister upset made Kevan put out a contract.

Go and talk to the contract issuer: Kevan. He will tell you that Britt saw her fiancé being carried off by some creature, but most people do not believe her. Kevan thinks that his sister is not the easiest person to live with, so Nils might have just run away. Some think he got along with the ladies too well, and some trickery might be to blame.

Then move on to Britt and ask her about Nils. You find her standing alone in a spot overlooking her town. Fighting through her tears, she claims a winged creature had taken her beloved to a cave nearby.

Find the Cave
Make your way to a cave south of the ‘Old Watch Tower.’ Its entrance will be protected by a few ‘sirens’ so it will be easy to navigate. Once in the cave, you will have to fight off several drowners. The cave opens up into a chamber with an altar. Be sure to examine the statue and look around for scales in the water. The scales indicate to Geralt that a powerful Ekhidna must be the cave’s resident, and you will be rewarded 25 XP.

Fight Melusine
After the chamber, proceed to the ledge and climb up to an opening. Here you will find Nils’ dead body, which you will be able to examine. It turns out he died due to falling from a great height. Before long, you will be interrupted by Melusine. ‘Sirens’ are monsters with wings, and ‘ekhidnas’ are stronger and bigger sirens. Melusine is a strong ekhidna and can be tricky to kill. Crossbows do not bring her down like other winged monsters, and using the Aard sign is the only way to bring her in range for strong attacks from the silver sword.

Back to Kevan and Britt
After killing Melusine, find your way back to Kevan for your reward. He will ask you to give the bad news to his sister, but you can end there. However, I suggest doing it for the extra rewards.

Once you tell Britt what happened, she is devastated but thankful for bringing her closure. She offers a reward that you can refuse. If you do not refuse, she will also give you 25 Crowns along with the same amount of XP. Either way, you will get 20 XP.

A Reminder
Some players might complete the cave section without visiting the notice board and starting the contract. In such cases, you will have to go to the notice board in Svorlag after killing Melusine and investigating the dead body there. This is the only way to complete the contract and get the rewards from Kevan and Britt.

This is all we have got on how to complete Here Comes the Groom in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wiki page.

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