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The Witcher 3 Father Knows Worst Walkthrough Guide


The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine expansion comes with so many plot-twisting quests. One of them is Father Knows Worst. Like in other quests, this quest’s outcome is also based on Geralt’s decision to end the feud either with words or with the sword. During this quest, you will encounter plenty of foes and deadly creatures.

To start this quest, head toward Beauclair and read the “Armed Escort Wanted!” notice. Head west, and you will find a quest marker. Once you have reached the desired location, you will find a cave. As you will get closer to the cave, you will hear screams.

If you follow those screams, you will encounter two men. They will ask for your help to save their brother. Here comes the part where they will tell you that a monster inside the cave attacked them, and now their brother’s life is in danger. If you agree to help them out, you will be awarded coins.

Encounter with Kikimores

Once you have entered the cave, head south until you reach a larger chamber. There you will encounter a large number of Kikimores, and they are much stronger than Endrega. You will face two kinds of this creature Warriors and Workers. So brace yourself for some action. Use a cat potion to illuminate your way through the cave.

There are multiple ways to defeat these Kikimores. Still, the best way to kill them is to use Superior Golden Oriole. You have to be extra careful as these creatures inflict poison, which can increase your toxicity level. You can also use Igni and Quen to wipe these creatures off, as both potions are very effective against poisons.

Finding Hugo

After you are done with these cave and swamp creatures, head southwest. You will find many side passages. One of the passages is blocked by a wall, which can be destroyed by using Aard. When you find a large tunnel, reach the tunnel’s dead end. There will be another wall southeast. Destroy it using Aard.

Continue your way toward the fork, head to the south, and you will encounter some more Kikimores. After killing the Kikimores, you will find the Place of Power. By returning to the north, you will find a body (Not Hugo). You will find treasure and a note, “Letter to Martina Crisca.” From the letter, Geralt will learn about Hugo and his brothers.

From the letter, Geralt will know it is a matter of inheritance. Their father has disintegrated his Still and hidden it in the cave. To prevent the quarrel between their sons. Use witcher sense to locate a blood trail. This trail will take you to Hugo. He will tell you his brother’s scheme of killing him and splitting the profit among them. You have to find the missing piece to know more about this story.

The Missing Part and Hot Springs

There is a tunnel to the southwest. Climb up. You will reach a chamber of hot springs. The heat will prevent Kikmores from bothering you, so you can search the area peacefully. But there’s a catch if you plan to dip in hot water.

It will cause damage if you enter without protection. There are three chests at the bottom, and the missing part is at the bottom along with two more chests, so use Quen and quickly make your way to the missing part, As Quen will grant you limited time. You have an option; either take a dip and get the missing part, get some money and experience points, or leave it for the brothers.

The Critical Decision

After making your way out of the cave, Hugo’s brothers, Lucien and Auguste, and others, have decided to kill Hugo once and for all. On the other hand, Hugo will ask for your help because he knows his brothers have plotted a plan to kill him. Here Geralt has to make a critical decision with two possible outcomes.

Killing Hugo’s Brothers

Suppose you decide to help Hugo to defeat his brothers. In that case, it is not that easy because you will have to fight level-36 hunters accompanied by Hugo’s brothers. After defeating them, Hugo will thank you, and you will receive 150 experience points.

Settlement Between The Brothers

If you decide to spare Hugo’s brothers, you can make a settlement between the brothers. In which you don’t have to engage yourself in any fight through Geralt’s words. The brothers will make peace with each other, and you will get wisdom credits, leading you to the quest “There Can Only Be One.” This way, you will also receive 150 experience points and 300+ credits.


If you decide to settle things between the three brothers, you will not have to fight this way. Only words can be used, which is considered the best-case scenario. You will unlock Hugo as a merchant, and the good thing about Hugo is that he will sell you some special items like monster materials. You can find them in The Clever Clogs, located in Beauclair. So if you choose this way, you have plenty of perks.

This is all we have got in how to complete Father Knows Worst in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wiki page.

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