Carnal Sins is one of the tensest and most suspenseful side quests in Witcher 3. Throughout much of the quests, a lot is happening around Geralt, and the pace of it can confuse some players. The majority of the players still need to finish the quest. Even if you do, you might not even know you made the wrong choices. No problem, though, as we have compiled a guide so no clues are missed, and you will know the right choices when it’s time to make a call.

Cabaret and Carnal Sins are interconnected in a way. After the quest “A poet under pressure,” the next time you visit Dandelion at his establishment (The Chameleon), the quest “Cabaret” begins. As soon as you finish Cabaret and still have not left Chameleon, a messenger from the hospital nearby will drop by with the news of the attack on Priscilla.

It is where Carnal Sins’ side quest begins. Geralt and Dandelion will make their way to the hospital in what you might call the “downtown area” of Novigrad: The Bits. Joachim von Gratz, the head doctor, will examine Priscilla upon arrival. He will inform you of Priscilla’s condition, who will be in a critical state but will recover. He mentions a dead victim who faced a similar attack and then offers to show the body to Geralt for further examination.

The Sewers
Geralt and Joachim will move through the sewers to the morgue. You will have to make quick work of a water hag and some drowners in the sewer, which should be easy enough. The doctor will mention to you Priscilla’s voice may never fully recover and how he tries to prevent such attacks before they happen. You will be able to sense something is up with Joachim von Gratz in how he talks and what he talks about.

The Morgue
At the morgue, you can examine several dead victims, but the one you are looking for is a dwarf and a carpenter. Be on the lookout for someone small with big, tough hands. While examining the dwarf, Geralt is interrupted by Hubert Rejk, the coroner. Things get tense between the coroner and the doctor, and you will be able to tell because of the dialogue. Best to pay extra attention to their conversation for clues.

Before things could escalate, the reverend, Nathaniel Pastodi, intervenes and asks you to leave the morgue immediately. The coroner, Hubert, ensures that he will let Geralt know as soon as there is any news. Joachim von Gratz will tell you that Nathaniel used to torture people for the Eternal Fire (in-game cult/religion) before he was a reverend.

You part ways with the three new weirdos you just met and will be free to explore your three new objectives in any order of your choice.

Investigate the Attack Site
Priscilla’s friend, whistling Wendy, mistakes you for the killer and has three peasants waiting for you at the site. Only after knocking out the peasants will you be able to talk to Wendy and clear things up. Afterward, in searching for clues, you might see the objective marked as complete, but continue investigating until you find out that the killer jumped over a wall even higher than witchers could. You can choose to share this information with Wendy before leaving the area.

Investigate the site where the Dwarven woodcarver was attacked

Geralt meets Gus Meyer, the victim’s brother, at this site. He will let you in, and you can investigate. Make sure to cover the locked workshop as well. Gus will open it once you try to enter. You can share your findings with Gus before you leave; if there are no new dialogue options, you still have clues to discover.

No matter what order you choose to investigate while on your way to the third destination, you will encounter a guard informing you of a third murder in a similar fashion. He will tell you that the coroner wants to see Geralt immediately. You might be tempted to leave everything and go to the coroner, but I strongly suggest completing all three sites before you make your way to the morgue. Not to worry, as you do not miss anything if you take your time to complete your investigation before meeting up with the coroner.

Speak With the Corpse Collector
Eustace, the corpse collector, should be easy to handle. He is rude and rather brash about the corpses he has to handle, but as long as you do not threaten him, you will have the option to pay him off or use Axii on him (Level 2 Delusion required). Using Axii grants Geralt more XP (35 instead of 20), so it’s better to save your money in this instance. He discloses a note on the Dwarven woodcarver’s body with Priscilla’s name. You can leave or punch the insolent heathen on your way out. I highly recommend the latter.

From the Coroner to Vegelbud Residence
Upon completing your investigation of all three sites, you will meet with Hubert, the coroner. Some questioning will raise suspicions about the coroner himself. Still, before anything comes of it, he finds a note with the next victim’s name: Patricia Vegelbud. Once you arrive at the Vegelbud Residence and the guards finally let you in, you will meet up with Ingrid Vegelbud. She leads you to her mother, Patricia Vegelbud’s room.

She will already die, and you will see the killer fleeing. A chase ensues, cut short due to the guards at the residence intervening due to mistaking Geralt as the killer. After a short fight with the guards, Geralt is presented in front of Ingrid, who clears up the situation and allows Geralt to investigate for clues about the next victim. You will find a note on Patricia’s body with the name: “Sweet Nettie of Crippled Kate.”

Crippled Kate’s
At the Crippled Kate’s, you will find Sweet Nettie on the top floor tied up and tortured by Reverend Nathaniel. On your way out, Sweet Nettie begs for your help, and you will have to make a judgment call. You can kill him, but it’s better to talk to him. You discover he is a perverted man who enjoys hurting others for his pleasure. However, he also states that he is not a serial killer. It clarifies to Geralt that Hubert, the coroner, must be the killer. If you kill him without talking to him first, the quest ends here, and you never find out about the killer.

Either use Axii to make Nathaniel go away or kill him. He might be sick and twisted, but he was not behind any killings. The game rewards you with a 100 XP for killing him and only 40 XP if you use Axii to make him go away. The rest is up to you. You also lose out on looting a unique poker that the reverend was using to torture Sweet Nettie if you let him go, so it’s easy to see which decision the developers prefer.

Hubert the Monster
Now with all of the information collected and the investigation complete, it will be apparent that Hubert was the killer all along. You will face him in a warehouse by the docks, where he reveals that he is a vampire. He takes on his form as a Katakan. After a brutal fight, Geralt emerges victorious, and Hubert’s days of terror are cut short.

Final Steps
After dealing with perverts, killers, torturers, and monsters, you return to the hospital. Joachim tells you that Priscilla is healing and will eventually be able to sing as well. Dandelion is eternally grateful, and the quest ends on a heartwarming note.

If you find it challenging to take Hubert down, a quick look at the Beastiary will give you enough hints to deal with him quickly.

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