Legendary weapons are the best weapons in the game and you are most likely interested in getting them in order to be able to deal the most damage and increase your survivability. In this Outriders guide, we are going to walk you through how you can get The Wicker legendary SMG in Outriders.


The Wicker legendary SMG in Outriders comes with 50 rounds and it has life leach which means that it heals you depending on the amount of damage that you deal to the enemies around you. The following is what you need to know about getting the weapon.

Getting The Wicker Legendary SMG In Outriders

In order to get the weapon, you need to increase your world tier level. You need to get to World Tier 12. You can increase your world tier level by playing the game and going through the content. You will get the most XP by completing the main story missions and the side missions.

Note that you only get a small amount of XP from killing enemies so you can rush through the content if you want. The enemies are going to get harder as you increase the world tier levels.

If you want to get more legendary weapons then you should aim for the highest world tier possible. As that will increase the drop rate of loot and legendary weapons. This is how you can get The Wicker Legendary SMG in Outriders.

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