How To Get The Sail In The Survivalists

The Survivalists Sail Guide

In order to survive in The Survivalists, players need to explore the map and collect resources to build and defend themselves. However, the raft is incomplete without the sail. In this The Survivalists guide, we will help players how to get the sail so they can venture to the other islands.

How To Get The Sail

The raft itself is very easy to build as the materials required to build it are scattered throughout the island. However, without the sail, it’s pretty much useless.

This is not helped by the fact that Sail isn’t unlocked early and is at the end of one of the crafting tree branches. First, players have to complete the blanket and sheet tree.

Initially, players will be able to make the basic blanket by hand. Better blankets will have to be crafted at the workstation. Players will then have to unlock fur items to craft a fur rug and then the luxury bed sheet. After that, players can unlock the sail and craft it. Complete your raft and sail to the other islands to find more items and materials.

That is all for our The Survivalists Guide with tips on how to get the Sail. For more on the game, also see our How To Get Glowing Rocks.

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