The Surge 2 Side Quests Guide: How To Complete All Side Missions

Surge 2 Side Quests

Every RPG game needs to have side quests. These side quests are unique and are not liked to the main story at all. You can do these side quests in your free time to complete some eventful and unique missions. The Surge 2 has its share of side missions. This guide will include all the details on the side quests of The Surge 2.

How To Complete All Side Quests In Surge 2

There are quite a few side quests in Surge 2. Compared to the main story objectives, these aren’t difficult and won’t take much of your time.

Behind Bars

This is the first side quest in the game. The side quest will be given to you by Benjamin Burke in the Detention Centre when you are escaping the prison. The side quest is quite simple as you can figure it out he is in a cell and wants you to free him.

You will be unable to do so at the time but after some time when you get the Exo-Rig back to his cell to help him. After that, he will tell you to meet him at the evacuation camp at Gateway Bravo. When you meet him there he will give you a Large Cache of Advanced Tech and some other items which is worth around 8000+ scrap.

The Witness

This side quest is quite a long drawn mission. You will come across a guy near the first medical office in the game, which is outside the police station. The guy you meet here will give you some items you will need to upgrade your equipment. As you progress through the game you will get the EMP Starfish drone.

Once you get this go back to the medical center where you found him the first time. Upon arriving here come near the barrel and look to the opposite to spot a railing. There is a spot there where you can drop down to. You will be greeted by a guy here whom you will have to kill. Use the Emp to open the door to meet a guy who is a hunter.

He will ask of you for some equipment. You will need to craft and get some parts and sell them to him. He will leave and you can open the chest. When you get your hands on the Force Hook you will meet him again. He will be near a door that is locked and will ask for your help to open it. After you use the key to open the door Warren will tell you to meet him at his hideout.

When you beat the AID Command boss you will meet him again. Upon seeing him he will tell you to to get him a repeller so that he is able to leave the city. Go back to the prison and get the repeller being guarded by people. Give it to him to end the side mission.

Private Practice

This side quest can be found near a roadblock at one of the police checkpoints in All Saint’s Boulevard. Go to the street on your left and enter a building to meet a doctor. He will ask you to retrieve some items that that remains of his drone have. The items can be found in Central Plaza. After finding then bring them back to the doctor to get 5 JAG Bio-Sensor Drone consumables.

A Simple Favour

Help a female vendor, Molly at the Seaside Court with a loan-shark situation. For this, find an NPC by the name of  Finn near the Iron Comic Store. Head past the and up the stairs. Follow the ledge to find the man you’re after. The two options you get here are to either pay him 2,000 Scrap or eliminate him. Your choice won’t affect Molly.

Aprils Fool

To acquire the quest, collect the rose from behind The Drone Vendor, Rex at the Seaside Court. You’ll be tasked to know about his girlfriend, April’s, fate. Take the fight to Little Johnny, defeating him and obtaining the EMP Drone audio log. For this, take the elevator down after the boss fight and enter the EMP door. Now return to Rex and choose to either tell him the truth, lie or say you don’t know.


Break through a door in the back alley of Port Nixon to speak with the quest giver, Penny. Your job is to collect the spare parts required for building her refrigerator. Do this by taking down any Drone and harvesting its parts. Head to the end of the fridge and break the box before getting ground up. You can now fight with Penny and lose to collect her keycard and free her hostage. This will allow you to return back to the area to purchase the items that earlier only Penny offered for sale.

In Cloud 9 bar approach a guy in a white hoodie named Dan. He will be seated on a bench. He will give you the side quest and your task will be to find out what happened to the children at A.I.D center. You will to the A.I.D center law the game.

You will arrive at the hospital basement take the lift to the top. Here instead of taking a left towards Liang Wei Hospital, which is your objective, go right to find am Audio Log. Go back to the Cloud 9 bar and tell him about the log to finish the quest and get a Large Cache of Advanced Tech.

Approach DJ at the Cloud 9 bar and take the quest from him. He will tell you to go and spray white leaf graffiti tags over specific areas of the map. The areas he will tell you are City Center, Port Nixon, Gideon’s Rock, A.I.D Command, Underground, and Cathedral of the Spark. Spray all the places and the quest will be finished.

Approach the bartender, Highball at the Cloud 9 bar and talk to him for the side quest. He will ask you to craft a GAIA gear set. Go to Gideon’s Rock and approach the statues so they become alive. Sever their thier limbs and collect them. You will need 1x Head, 1xTorso, 2xLeg, 2xArms. Sell the gear to the bartender for the quest to end.

Carnal Pleasures

Approach Yoko at the Cloud 9 bar and talk to her. She will ask for a drink so bring her a Sparkletini. Then she will ask you to bring her prime meat from Penny in Port Nixon. After getting your hands on the meat go back to her and give her the meat for the quest to end.

The Puppet Master

Approach Roach at Hunter’s Overlook in Gideon’s Rock. Talk to him for the quest.

There are three logs in Gideon’s Rock. Finding all of them will complete the quest. The locations are:

Audio Log #1 can be found in Mustang Hills, Gideon’s Rock in the lower section of the main entrance of the park. Just behind a Nanite spatter on the left of the observation platform.

Audio Log #2 can be found in Central Crossing, Gideon’s Rock. Go to the back area of the Hunting camp and you can find it near a magnetic lift.

Audio Log #3 can be found in Boar Trail, Gideon’s Rock. You will receive the log shortly after defeating Captain Cervantes.

After finding all three logs go back to Roach and talk to him so that the mission is completed and you get your reward which is a Large Pile of Metal Scrap.

Garden Variety

Approach the gardener robot at the CREO lab at Gideon’s Rock and talk to him for the quest. Your task to find five lost seeds and then plant them. The first seed can be found in CREO Patio. Look for the seed on the floor near the pots by the robot. The second can be found at the beginning of the Cougar Trail. Approach the hunter and after killing him go down the stairs in the distance. At the end of the passage, you will get the Lost Seed.

The third one can also be found in Cougar Trial. Go the place where the path splits up and take the left area to take care of some hunters and to find the Lost Seed.

The fourth and the fifth one can be found in Mustang Hills. Just after you activate the repeller look behind you to activate the panel to extend the bridge. Cross the bridge and continue for some time to find the Lost Seed.

The place where you crossed the bridge if you go back there you can see a trail upwards go there and right to find the last Lost Seed. Plant the seeds and for each successful planting, you will get two Small Pile of Metal, two Pile of Metal Scrap and a Large Pile of Metal Scrap. After planting them all go to the robot and you will get SERU Biomaster, three Leg Gear Pneumatics MK.V and three Arm Gear Couls MK.V.

Time is of the Essence

In Gateway Bravo go to the large medical tent and talk to the doctor, Sorensson. She will tell you that she needs meds for a radiation disease. Go to the Family Waiting Area in A.I.D command area and go towards the medical tents. You will find a crate which you will have to destroy for the meds. Take the meds back to the doctor and the quest will be completed.

There and Back Again

Approach Bugface in the medbay in A.I.D command area. Talk to him and he will give you the side quest. You will have to acquire Force Hook and bring it back to the scavenger. Go to the top of the Liang Wei Hospital to find it. Bring it back to him to complete the side quest and get the codename: ‘Elise’.

The Incredible Iron Maus

Approach Baxter in the Cloud 9 bar after the city goes to hell. Talk to him and he will tell you to meet him at the power plant.

Gone Missing

Approach the officer, Klien, in the Cloud 9 bar and talk to her for the side quest. She will ask for you to kill a certain monster. As you progress through the game you will come across Central Plaza. There is a boss, Delver Echo Gamma, here at Central Plaza. Defeat the monster and go back to the officer. The quest will be completed and you will get S&R Falcon and 20k Tech Scrap.

Challenge of the Spark

Go to the Oratory area in Cathedral of the Spark. After activating the pump B control panel and draining the water level the second time go to the door at a distance. Inside the room, you will find Kwizman. He will ask you three questions and if answer a three correctly the side quest will end.

First Question: What does the Spark look like?

Answer: An angelic lightning bolt

Second Question: Which acolyte was boiled to death by an unholy interloper?

Answer: Little Johnny

Third Question: The Spark will strike…

Answer: the world will change!

After you have answered all three questions correctly he will tell you that you are now a member of the Children of the Spark. He will give you Brother Truman’s Faith and the side quest will end.


After completing all the main story missions in Cathedral of the Spark and CREO University of Technology the quest will unlock.

There are seven Nanofied Audio Logs in Gideon’s Rock. They are in the following locations:

Nano Echoes #1 can be found in  Cloud Canyon. This can be found just outside the entrance of the Cloud 9 Bar.

Nano Echoes #2 can be found in Cloud Canyon. At the entrance to the Cloud 9 Bar follow a path going downhill. Use the zipline to reach a small platform. The log can be found on the ground close to a nano-pool.

Nano Echoes #3 can be found in the main entrance of the park in Mustang Hills. This log is found by the pair of GAIA Statues on the wooden platform.

Nano Echoes #4 can be found in Mustang Hills. The log is near a nanite structure which is near the doorway leading down to the Medbay and Mustang Hills.

Nano Echoes #5 can be found in Mustang Hills. This can be found in the maintenance area which is located by the first GAIA Statue in the Mustang Hills trail.

Nano Echoes #6 can be found in Mustang Hills Trailhead. The log can be found by a nanite-pool to the left of the main path just at the entrance to Mustang Hills.

After acquiring six Audio Logs a nanite creature will emerge.

Nano Echos #7 can be found as an item drop after defeating the red Nanite Creature.

Getting the last log will complete the side quest.

That is all that you need to know about completing side quests in Surge 2.

This marks the end of our Surge 2 Side Quests Guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guides on implants, where you can find the EMP 44 Starfish and how to get the URBN DLC items in the game.