The Surge 2 Builds Guide – Elemental Archangel, The Boss Killer

The Surge 2 Builds Guide

The Surge 2 Builds Guide will help you with the best builds for different situations that suit your playstyle so that you can defeat enemies and bosses more efficiently.

The Surge 2 Builds

Having a proper build in The Surge 2 makes all the difference between defeat and victory against enemies and bosses. There are certain builds that work best against certain bosses and enemies and suit different play styles. Our The Surge 2 Builds Guide will help you with the best builds in the game.

Elemental Archangel Build

This The Surge 2 build is designed to stun enemies by repeatedly striking them and dealing Nano Damage at the same time. The Surge 2 Elemental Archangel build can be extremely helpful against some tough enemies as enemies immune to Nano Affliction can be stunned. The following are weapons, implants and armor sets required for the build.

Armor Sets
For this build in The Surge 2, you need the Chrysalis Set and the Archangel Set. The reason why two armor sets are recommended is due to the face that the Archangel Set is obtained near the end of the game.

As for the Chrysalis Set, you can acquire is early in the game and it adds substantial Nano Affliction damage. As for the Archangel Set, it adds both Electro and Nano damage.

Weapons who deal electro damage are a perfect fit for the Elemental Archangel build in The Surge 2. Weapons with electro damage aren’t hard to acquire and also there aren’t a lot of them in the game.

While you are free to use any weapon with electro damage, I would recommend a Spear or a Staff for an area of effect damage. In other words, a Spear or a Staff will allow you to stun and deal nano affliction multiple enemies at the same time.

The Volatile Spectre is the recommended spear for the build due to it having high electro damage. However, the Volatile Spectre consumes a lot of stamina and you’ll deplete your stamina very quickly. The following is the list of weapons with electro damage.

  • Icon of the Spark – Double-Duty
  • Punishing Slashbrand – Double Duty
  • URBN Judgement Axe – Heavy Duty
  • Brother Truman’s Faith – Spear
  • Fanatical Excruciator – Spear
  • Volatile Spectre – Single-Rigged
  • Spark Engineer’s Multitool – Hammer
  • MG Negotiator – Staff

The build wouldn’t be complete without implants. For this build, you need the Entropic Dissolver and the Elemental Intensifier implants. The Entropic Dissolver increases your Nano Damage by 30% while the Elemental Intensifier implant does the same but only for elemental damage. However, Elemental Intensifier implant reduces the physical damage by 20%.

You can also equip the following implants that help aggressive playstyle.

  • Directional Block Analyzer – Shows the direction of enemy attacks
  • Energetic Speed Intensifier – Increases Attack Speed for select weapon types including Spears.
  • Auto-Healing Dynamo – Converts a full Battery into Energy and Health.
  • Energy Dynamo – Increased Energy from attacks
  • Battery Analyzer – Increases Stamina Recovery when filling a Battery
  • Medi-Voltaic Injector
  • Aggression Amplifier – Clears the battery when performing executions.
  • Super-Oxygenating Injection

The Boss Killer Build

As the name suggests, this Surge 2 build is designed to kill bosses but, it is also very effective against normal enemies if there is such a thing in the game. The reason why this build works well against the bosses is that most of the attack with this build are harder to dodge and a staggered boss is open to your attacks.

Aside from the damage, this build also provides significant armor so that you can survive longer against a boss. The following are the armor sets, weapons, and implants required for this The Surge 2 build.

armor Sets
All bosses in The Surge 2 have an elemental attack with The Boss Killer being the most common one. That’s why you need the Liquidator Set as it will protect you against status effects and also reduces Nano Affliction damage.

However, the Liquidator Set is an operator class armor set and if you don’t have a problem taking elemental damage then consider equipping a Goliath Class armor set.

Another recommendation for this build is The Nano Ward Set which reduces the cost of blocking. You can also try the SCARAB Set as it has defensive bonuses which can be useful in a boss fight. However, the Liquidator Set is your most likely choice as the rest of the armor sets won’t become available until late game.

There is no restriction on what kind of weapon you can use with this build in The Surge 2. You are free to experiment with any weapon you like just make sure you know the timing for directional blocking of each weapon as every weapon type has a different in directional block timing.

Faster weapons are quick when it comes to directional blocking and they don’t even use much of your stamina. However, slower weapons take a bit longer for directional block and use more stamina compared to the fast ones.

You need the following implants in order to make the effective use of this build in The Surge 2.

  • Deflection Hardener – Increased Defense and Elemental Defense for a short time.
  • Deflection Supercharger – Boosts damage by  30% and grants 25 Energy after a successful deflect.
  • Deflection Damage Enhancer – Boosts damage after a deflection by 10%.  Costs 3 Core Power.
  • Deflection Energy Converter – Grants 25 Energy following a deflect.
  • Battery Adrenalizer – Increases Stamina Recovery when the Battery is filled.
  • Dynamic Redirector – Grants 30 Energy when struck.
  • Nano Absorber
  • Medi-Voltaic Injection

That is all for our The Surge 2 Builds Guide with tips on the best builds in the game and the weapons, armors sets, and implants required for certain builds.