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The Riftbreaker Cheats and Console Commands Guide


The Riftbreaker is a game that allows you to have a ton of resources and create the best base possible. The nature of the game is as complicated as you would expect from a game like this but thankfully, there are a few helpful cheats and console commands that make your life easier. In this guide, we will list all The Riftbreaker Cheats and Console Commands for you.

The Riftbreaker Cheats and Console Commands

Pull up the console in-game and use the following commands to unlock a range of perks and advantages in The Riftbreaker.

  • camera_enable_zoom (1) – Enables zooming using the scroll wheel
  • time_factor (number) – Changes in-game speed by specified number
  • cheat_reveal_minimap (1) – Reveals the entire minimap
  • cheat_remove_all_units (1) – Removes all units
  • cheat_no_clip (1) – Lets you walk through obstacles
  • cheat_god_mode (1) – Enables god mode
  • cheat_full_loadout (1) – Grants full loadout, including a flamethrower and missile launcher
  • cheat_set_player_invisibility (1) – Grants invisibility
  • cheat_spawn_meteor – Spawns meteor nearby
  • cheat_unlimited_money (1) – Grants infinite resources
  • cheat_add_resource (name) (value) – Grants specified mount of named resources
  • cheat_add_all_items (1) – Grants all items

And that’s everything you need to know on all cheat codes and console commands. Need more help? See Errors and Fixes, Resources.

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