The Railroad factions offer the most limited number of Miscellaneous quests in Fallout 4. Still, they are interesting enough to make it worth the effort. Below is the complete walkthrough forThe Railroad Miscellaneous quests in Fallout 4.


Fallout 4 The Railroad Miscellaneous Quest Walkthrough

In total, there are 2 The Railroad Miscellaneous quests:

  1. Boston After Dark
  2. Memory Interrupted

Boston After Dark

After you are done with Tradecraft Railroad quest, speak with Doctor Carrington to get your first job. The objective is to help H2-22 at Bunker Hill. Go across the river, north into Charleston Neighborhood. The item you are looking for is east of Monsignor Plaza. Get the Stockton Holotape from the mailbox.

The dead drop mentions someone at Bunker Hill. Go to the location and meet Old Man Stockton. Go to the marked church and kill the Raiders. Wait for Stockton until 11.30 pm, he will come and summon an agent named High Rise. The agent wants help so agree to help him with an escort mission.

Memory Interrupted

Go to the Railroad HQ and speak with PAM to learn of stranded Synth at the Memory Den. Go to the Goodneighbor and find Doctor Amari. Tell her that you cleared her way out of the Memory Den. Now go to the Malden Center and kill Gen 1 there. You will meet Glory at the Malden Center entrance. Speak to her and:

  • Accept her assistance
  • Refuse her assistance

Kill all the enemies inside and return to Desdemona to complete this Railroad Misc. side quest.

And that’s everything you need to know about The Railroad Miscellaneous in Fallout 4. Need more help? See The Minutemen quests, Brotherhood of Steel Miscellaneous quests, Brotherhood of Steel quests, The Institute Radiant quests, Unique Items locations, Unique Armor locations.