The Outer Worlds UDL Lab Weapons Keycard Location and Answers Guide

The Outer Worlds UDL Lab

In The Outer Worlds, you can hack terminals and computers to access information and weapons. During one of the missions in the game, you will need to hack a terminal that is a very high hack. During the mission “Weapons from the Void,” you will come across a terminal that must be hacked to progress the mission. In our The Outer Worlds UDL Lab Weapons Keycard location guide we will explain how you can easily access the terminal and get what you need.

UDL Lab Weapons Keycard Location

The Weapons from the Void Side Quest is one of the best side missions in the game. Through this side mission, you can travel the galaxy and get a number of different science weapons. One of these weapons is locked behind the terminal in question.

There are two ways to open this terminal, either hack it which means you need really high stats or find the keycard on the terminal.

During the side mission, you will arrive at the lab where the terminal is located. If you don’t have 55 Hack you won’t be able to break into the terminal in UDL Lab. It is best that we put our energy into finding the UDL Lab weapons keycard.

When at the lab, go up the stairs and check the tables. The keycard is at one of the tables next to an out of order terminal.

Pick it up and head back to the main terminal to access it using your newly found keycard. You can also answer a series of questions to open the terminal and we have the answers for you.

  • Answer #1 – Protect The Chairman
  • Answer#2 – Berate Him
  • Answer #3 – Arrest your spouse

This marks the end of our The Outer Worlds UDL Lab Weapons keycard location guide. If you need more help with the game check out our companions, perks,  and settings guide.