The Outer Worlds Tasks Guide – How to Complete All Tasks

The Outer Worlds Tasks

Apart from main missions, side missions, companion missions, and faction missions, we also have The Outer Worlds Tasks. In our The Outer World Task guide we will discuss what these are and how to complete them. Similar to other activities, Tasks give you rewards and XP.

Most of the Tasks in The Outer Worlds are easy to complete so they are a good way to get XP and rewards. There are many Tasks in The Outer Worlds we’ll be listing some of them here and update later.

The Outer Worlds Tasks

One of the tasks in The Outer Worlds is called Cupid of the Laboratory. Tasks are all optional but we suggest doing them for extra rewards, XP, and reputation. In this The Outer Worlds Task you have two main objectives.

  • Save 6 sprats
  • Return to Giles

Cupid Of The Laboratory

The first thing you need to do is speak with Giles Molina. You will find Molina near the elevator to the maintenance tunnels in Prosperity Plaza of Byzantium. Offer to help him to accept this task.

Use the elevator to do go down save 6 sprats. Put your running shoes on because you will have to chase some of them. When you get close to a Sprat press the interaction button to capture it. When you are in this area beware of the Sprat Exterminator mechanics and also a big Sprat named Kobalos that’ll try to take you down. Go back to Giles for 1,125 Bit Cartridges and 19,000 XP.

A Small Grave Matter

Silas is a local gravedigger who wants you to collect some late payments. There are five main objectives you need to complete in The Outer Worlds Task.

  • Get  Ludwig’s Gravesite Fees
  • Get Conrad’s Gravesite Fees
  • Get Abernathy’s Gravesite Fees
  • Get Phyllis’s Gravesite Fees
  • Return to Silas

Speak with Silas at the entrance of Edgewater. The first person you go to is Ludwig Miller who is at the Edgewater Landing Pad. Speak with him and you will find out that he has a fear of impending war against machines. Help him and get the quest Die,Robot. Once you are done with the robot Miller will tell you about a weapon in Cantina’s Iavatory. Afterward, mention Siles and Miller will pay up assuming Silas has heard the calling. You can choose to lie to get extra loot from Miller. You can also just kill me and get the fees but you will lose Reputation with Spacer’s Choice. You can loot his place to get your hands on Spacer’s Corona 1x, Light Ammo 12x, Energy Cell 5x, Heavy Ammo 15x, Adreno 1x, Bypass Shunt 1x, Tossball Stick, Bit Cartridge 3x, Necklace 1x, Thinking Cap-let 1x, Toughened (Armor Mod) and Mag-2-Zap (Weapon Mod). .

Phyllis Granger –  You can find her at the Saltuna Cannery, on the upper ramparts. Try not to engage with her too much and just get to the point and ask her about the late payment. She will pay the fees to you without any trouble.

Martin Abernathy –  He is in his house in Edgewater. You can find and talk him into playing the late payment. You can also get  “The Long Tomorrow” quest from this person. If you do, you can steal a Bypass Shunt, Tossball Card Thomas B. Henry, Energy Cell 3x, and Light Ammo 7x from his house.

Conrad Sadik – is at the Barber Shop inside Edgewater. You  can talk to him and see if he is happy with his position at Edgewater.

Salvager in the Sky

Groundbreaker’s public terminals has a job listing for an  “ethically-flexible spacer.” There are two main objectives you need to complete for this The Outer Worlds Task.

  • Talk to with Lilya Hagen
  • Get the Alt-Vitae gas

There is a terminal in Groundbreaker near the MedBay, read Public Notices and look for “Seeking Contractor: Sublight Salvage.”

The Sublight salvage office is close to the terminal by the MedBay. Read the terminal to find out Alex Hawkthrone is tied to them, and later use the list to go to the office section. Speak with Tobias Oyama to get the door unlocked. Head in and speak with Lilya who will share some details with you.

You need to have a Steller Bay Navkey or have to visit Steller Bay at least once in The Outer Worlds. Speaking with Liya and she’ll ask you to get Alta-Vitae gas from the Saltuna loading dock in Monarch. You will get 8,400 XP and gain a reputation with Sublight Salvage & Shipping and give you “Space-Crime Continuum.”

Flowers for Sebastian

Celia likes Sebastian but is afraid to make the first move. You get the quest in Sanjar’s Stellar Bay Office by speaking with Celia Robbins. You only have two simple objectives in The Outer Worlds Task.

  • Ask out Sebastian on a date for Celia
  • Give Celia the good news

Find Sebastian leaving out in the courtyard. Tell him about Celia’s feelings and he’ll just think you are looking for a discount. You need to persuade him or bribe him to make him go out with Celia.

Mr. Pickett’s Biggest Game

Mr. Pickett is missing after he went looking for Mantiqueen. Speak with Sebastian to get the Task.

  • Look for signs
  • Give the journal to Sebastian

Speak with Sebastian in the courtyard to get the task during the “Flowers for Sebastian.” Ask him about his sales and inquire more about Pickett. Take Steller Bay’s South exit and go past Amber Heights and look for an area with Mantisaur enemies before reaching Fallbrook. There you will find a Mantiqueen that you must take down, and loot Pickett’s journal. Head back to Sebastian and give him the journal to get 9000XP and 375 Bit Cartridge.

Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel

Fashion icon Celeste Jolicoeur, wants you to help her put together the ultimate outfit. There are 8 objectives for this The Outer Worlds Task.

  • Model Outfits for Celeste
  • Get 10 Primal Leather
  • Collect Mantiqueen Chitin
  • Get 3 Raptidon Flank Hide
  • Go back to Celeste
  • Get Lapel from HPS
  • Go back to Celeste
  • Search Celeste’s Shop

Get your hands on Iconoclast Armor and Headpiece, Marauder Armor and Headpiece and Spacer Armor and Headpiece and model for Celeste. Read the armor descriptions to know what type it is. Once you model for her she will ask you to get some items for her.

The Primal Leather can be found at the Primal Nest in Emerald Vale, more of it is available at Scylla. You can find Raptidon Flank Hide and Mantiqueen Chitin on Monarch. You can buy these items from Sebastian in Steller Bay.

Get back to Celeste to bring her these items. She will then ask you to get Lapel from HPS. Head there and speak with Olive Yates before heading down to window B. Talk to Wanda Chen and head to the marker in the Estates District. Read the note on the door and head back to Speak with Wanda Chen. She will direct you to window A to speak with Olive.

Once you have the Lapel head back to Celeste. You will see that she has been executed for creating illegal clothing. Loot her body to get Celeste’s key. You will find Chimaera inside her office. It is a unique armor.

All Halcyon in a Day

Alonzo Vallejos of Byzantium’s Bureau of Exploration wants you to go on a guided tour across the Halcyon system. There are two main objectives here.

  • Locate the First Beacon
  • Locate the Second Beacon
  • Locate the Third Beacon
  • Locate the Fourth Beacon

The first beacon is in a corner in Prosperity Plaza on Byzantium, under Rococo’s Decor sign. The second beacon is at the Emerald Vale of Edgewater. Look for it to the east of the Abandoned Industrial Zone, it is guarded by Primals. The third beacon is on Scylla to the west of the landing pad. It’s outside the barrier so sneak in and out before dying. The final beacon is outside Steller Bay on Monarch. It is to the southwest and is guarded by Canids. Head back and speak with Alonzo. You get 15,000XP and Certified Explorer’s Hat Unique Armor.

Odd Jobs

Amber Heights locals want you to help with some repair work in the area. There are four main objectives here.

  • Reroute the Electrical Wiring
  • Restore the Guard of House Communications
  • Deal with the Steam Flow
  • Head back to Bronson

Speak with Rose at the Steller Bay. She will point you to a building nearby where you will meet Bronson who will give you Odd Jobs Task.

There in the building up the hill to resolve some of the issues of Amber Heights. You can 55 Science to remotely shut down power, 55  Engineering to remotely reroute water, H55 Hack to remotely reset the Rapt House Communications Breaker. All of this can be done manually by visiting the locations on the map. Once done speak with Bronson to get 375 Bit Cartridge, Iconoclasts Reputation and 9000xp.

Mandibles of Doom

You will find a mercenary crew at Devil’s Peak and the crew is missing its leader. The leader’s last location is a nearby cavern. There three main objectives here.

  • Locate Berthold Fox
  • Defeat the Mantiqueen
  • Meet Berthold at the Camp

Speak with mercenaries at C3 Barracks on Monarch and head to the marked area which is the entrance to the Devil’s Peak Cavern. Go inside the cave and head left and up, through the enemies. Once you reach the top you will find Berthold guarded by a giant Mantiqueen. Take the Mantiqueen down and get 3600XP. Loot the body and speak with Berthold and get another 3600XP.

Complete the dialogue and fast travel back to C3 Barracks and speak to Berthold there. He will give you Berthold Fox’s Keycard and 13200 XP. Use the keycard to access the weapon’s locker behind Berthold. In the locker you will find Unique Weapon: Thunder.


Nelson Mayson’s sprat carriers have gone missing. Find the goods for a reward. There are four main objectives for this The Outer Worlds task.

  • Investigate SubLight’s Shipping Tunnels
  • Retrieve the Drugs from the Sprat Carriers
  • Go back to Nelson
  • Find the Missing Sprat Carriers

Speak with Nelson Mayson at his shop to the left of the entrance of Fallbrook in Monarch. Go to the tunnel near the riverbed and head inside. Beware of Raptidons here, clear them out for 6300XP.  Loot the Sprat for the Drugs and go back to Nelson. You have two options here, give him the drugs or lie and keep the consumables for yourself.

  • Lie (50): 1000xp, Adrena-Time x5
  • Give him drugs: no reward

It’s time to locate the rest of the Sprat carriers so head south and you will see Sprats getting out a house, Speak with Bertrand, who rescued the Sprats from their master. You can Persuade (20) or Medical (30) for a peaceful resolution, or attack him. Loot to recover the drugs for Nelson. Hed back to Nelson and once again, it is up to you if you want to give him the drugs or not.

  • Lie (50): 1000xp, 8400 XP, 1375 Bit Cartridge, SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up
  • Give him drugs: 8400xp, 1000 Bit Cartridge, SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation up
  • Punch him: SubLight Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up

Moreover, you can get 375 Bit Cartridge from Catherine for telling her about your handling of the situation.

The Lying Earth

Minister Clarke wants you to send a message to Earth in this task of The Outer Worlds. There is only one main objective here.

  • Send the message

Talk to Minister Clarke for the quest The City and the Stars. He will ask you to use Rockwell’s access to message Earth. From there the task “The Lying Earth” will unlock, you will get a cartridge with information of mismanagement and corruption; Minister Clarke’s Data Cartridge.

If you completed the main quest “Balance Due” you can access the HHC building and won’t have to use the Maintenance Tunnels.

If not, you can bribe the guard with 2000 bits for access to the HHC building. Once you have access to the HHC building head forward and speak with Guard Bachmeyer.

Take an elevator to reach Percival Platt and head left to unlock the door with Minister’s HHC Access Card. You can print the card at the terminal to get access to the Minister of Accuracy and Morale Key.

This marks the end of our The Outer Worlds Task guide. Also check out our Mods, Flaws, Side Quests, and Perks Guide.