The Outer Worlds Side Quests Guide – All Side Quests, How to Complete

The Outer Worlds Side quests

Side quests in The Outer Worlds are the side missions that are not related to the main story at all. You can do these missions in your free time or in between multiple main missions.

Many of the side missions are unique and interesting and reward you with goods worth the time spent. Today in this guide we will be focusing on all of the side quests in The Outer World.

The Outer Worlds  Side Quests

The following are all the side quests in The Outer Worlds:

Fistful of Digits

This  The Outer Worlds side quest can be acquired from Constable Reyes at the police station in Edgewater. Your main task is to find the three marauders, take their finger and bring them back. The first marauder knew as Bertie Cotton. He isn’t accompanied by other marauders so simply sneak up on and kill him. After he is dead take his finger and move onto the next marauder.

Dr. Maybell can found inside the cave. There will be other marauders there deal with them and kill Maybelle. Take her finger and proceed to the last marauder. Guillaume Antrim is the last one and he is also accompanied by marauders. Deal with them and then him and take his finger. Now that you have collected all the three fingers return to Reyes for your reward.

Die Robot

This quest can be given to you by Ludwig on the shipyard outside of Edgewater. He wants you to take out a robot outside of Edgewater as a part of his resistance plan. Go to the location of the robot and come across the poor thing.

You will have two options either to repair it or kill it. If you want to repair it you need to have either 38 Engineering or have Parvati accompany you and fix the robot. After you repair or kill it, return to Ludwig and he will make you go to the location of his stash which is a weapon. The weapon can be found behind a toilet.

Take it and return to Ludwig and he will give you a weapon mod which can alter your weapons and add Shock Damage. After receiving the reward go to Reed and talk to him. Your next objective is to retrieve a muddle from a geothermal plant so Reed will give you the access.

Once inside the geothermal plant go downstairs fighting the robots and you will come across an old guy talking to himself. Go to the office to your left and once inside open the door behind you for the Module hidden away. You will need a key to open the door if your lock picking ability isn’t that high. After opening the door take the Module and bring it back to Ludwig. Get the reward and the side mission will end.

A Few Kindred Spirits

Head to the Botanical Lab and talk to Grace and you will get to know about a missing person named Zoe. Go to Zoe’s house to get some clues on where she is. Inside you will find fragments of a general leading to her location. Now that you have an idea of the place go there and deal with the marauders in the area. After that head to the location where Zoe is. Zoe won’t just come back by talking you will have to persuade her and for that, you need at least 15 persuade.

The Frightened Engineer

Head to the Botanical Gardens and talk to Thomas to get to know that he ain’t an engineer. He will ask of you to bring him three volumes of a book. The first book will be marked on the map simply follow the map and get the book. The second book can be found at Parvati’s house in Edgewater.

Go upstairs to Parvati’s dad’s room and access the terminal there. After reading the document head to the Cannery and look for the volume in one of the offices. The third volume can be found in the geothermal plant. Reach the lowest section of the plant. The volume will be near the silo section where you meet Higgins. You will get rewards for each book found and Exp too.

The Illustrated Manual

This The Outer Worlds side quest only appears if you have Parvati as your companion. You will get an objective to meet Vicar Max and Parvati will suggest going to him. Go and talk to Vicar at his church which is on the east side of town. If you accept the quest you will have to help him find a book. Go outside Edgewater and follow the road. When you reach a place where Emerald Vale Community Centre is straight ahead going to your right to find a camp filled with marauders.

Take them out and go inside the house on the right. Go upstairs and read the book in the bedroom to know the location of the Journal. Now go back to Edgewater and head to the river. On the north side of the river is a cave go in it until you reach an area with a safe. Open it to get the journal and after that go back to Vicar and the mission will be over. Vicar will now join you as a companion.

A Small Grave Matter

You can find Silas on your way to Edgewater at the beginning of the game. He is a gravedigger and will request you to approach four citizens and demand money for their grave plots. First, go to the barbershop in Edgewater and meet Conrad.

Talking to him is meaningless as he won’t listen and he is straight-up pain. Go to the backroom in the barbershop and interact with a clipboard on a small cart. Use this to blackmail Conrad into giving you the money. He will agree and you can get the money and move onto the next person. Approach Martin Abernathy who is living in his house near a factory.

Martin is sick and you have to take advantage of this fact. Eventually, after some talking he will cough up the money. The next person is Phyllis who is located in the Saltuna Factory near Martin. Go upstairs and talk to her and tell her the reason for your arrival and she will give you the money.

The last person is Ludwig who can be found outside of Edgewater in the shipyard. He will constantly talk about the Resistance ignore these talks and demand the money by saying it has something to do with the Resistance and he will pay up soon. Go back to Silas and give him the money and get your reward. If you have enough persuation you can get him to give more money to you.

The Long Tomorrow

Talk to Martin Abernathy for this quest who can be located near the Saltuna Factory. He wants you to get some medicine for him from the community center. Upon leaving Esther will ask of you to give her the medicine instead. Go to the center and get the medicine then choose between the two.

Esther gives slightly more bits and if you intimidate her you can get a bonus. If you give the medicine to Martin you get a reputation with Spacers Choice and if you give Esther the medicine then you get reputation with The Board.

The Distress Signal

This The Outer Worlds side quest can also be acquired after hearing the distress call from Gladys. Similarly to the last quest you will have to make your way to Terra 2 in Roseway. You need to collect some research here and for that, you have to complete the side missions “The Doom That Came to Roseway”, “By His Bootstraps”, “Amateur Alchemist” and “Vulcan’s Hammer”. After completing all these side quests returns to Gladys with the research and the quest will end.

The Doom That Came to Roadway

For this side quest go to the Groundbreaker and talk to Gladys. Now head to ADA at the ship and play a Distress Call. After listening to it go to Terra 2 in Roseway. Complete all the small objectives here that include dealing with Raptidons and other things.

Proceed further and you will come across Cassandra. Help her by dealing with the security and getting her to safety. After that you two choices either you kill her or you can try convincing her to give you the research. If she agrees then the mission will end with you getting a lot of XP, Bits, and other rewards.

Solution Vital

This side quest can be found at the Customs Desk simply speak with Corporal Leonard there and talk to him. You will now have to complete some objectives first one being that you have to make your way to Dr. Wanda at the sickbey. Dr. Wanda will ask of you to find Captain Irion who is located in Scylla. Go to the location and rescue Irion from the enemies. Come back and talk to Dr. Wanda and after that, you will get your rewards.

Happiness is a Warm Spaceship

Approach Junlei Tennyson in the Groundbreaker and talk to her. She will ask of you to help her with the radiator issue. Go down to the lower levels of the Groundbreaker and deal with the enemies there. You can bribe them if you want but we recommend killing them as that will get you a flamethrower. Complete and objectives and solve the radiator issue and after that, the mission will end and you will get the rewards.

By His Bootstraps

This is a subside quest of the side quest “The Distress Signal”. In this, you will have to speak to Anton. He will ask of you to rescue Jameson who has gone missing. Go to the location and deal with the robots and Raptidons there. Rescue Jameson and talk to him and after that return to Anton so that this side quest ends.

Amateur Alchemist

This is a subside quest of the side quest “The Distress Signal” from The Outer Worlds. You will have to talk to Vaughn Cortes in Roseway for this side quest. He will ask of you to complete excitement and for that, you have to go to the lower levels of the underground lab. After finishing the experiment return to Vaughn and you will get the rewards the side mission will end.

Vulcan’s Hammer

This is a subside quest of the side quest “The Distress Signal”. You will have to speak to Orson Shawo in Roseway for the quest. If you agree to help him you will have to retrieve Orson’s blueprints. Go to the locations and deal with the marauders there. Keep going ahead till you encounter some robots in a room. Deal with them and look around for the blueprint in the room. Return to Orson once you have the blueprint and the side quest will be over.

The Silent Voices

For this side quest, you have to speak to Edna in the engine room of the Groundbreaker. She wants you to go to the relay station because it is causing some issues. Simply head over there and fix the problem and come back to her to get the rewards.

The Grimm Tomorrow

This side quest can be acquired from Grimm. Grimm can be found in Stellar Bay and wants your help. Accept the quest and talk to Velma for the poster. She isn’t going to just give you the poster as she got a good price from Nell.

Now you have three choices to get the poster either steal it, bribe her or just intimidate her. If you bribe her you will not be at a loss because the rewards will get you the bits back. After acquiring the poster go back to Grimm and give him the poster for the rewards.

Passion Pills

Go the Yacht Club and speak with Nyoka there and she will ask of you to get her some caffeine pills. Go to the dispensary and talk to the lady for the caffeine pills but she won’t agree to it. Go upstairs and break into the room. Inside you can get the caffeine bottle after that bring it back to Nyoka to complete the quest.

A Family Matter

Head to the Stellar Bay and talk to Agnes Needham. She will ask you to find her little boy Tucker. Go to Amber Heights and meet Rose and ask her for the location of Tucker. Over the hill go to the left house and meet a grown-up named Tucker Needham.

You can persuade or intimidate him to go back to his mother or the last option is to go back to Agnes and tell her he is dead. If he comes back you will get the rewards and reputation but if you tell her he died you won’t get the reputation but only the other rewards.

The Stainless Steel Rat

For this side quest, you will have to go to the southeast part of the town to where a man is shouting “Murder”. Go inside the building and investigate the scene. Check the bag and the documents then go to the alleyway to meet the group. Intimidate them to leave the area and if they do the side quest will end and you’ll get your rewards.

Secret People

For this quest, you will have to go to Stellar Bay and speak with Velma there. She will tell you about her worker, Braxton that went missing. Go to his house to speak with a woman there who will tell you where he is. Go to the location and go to the last room on the top floor to reach him.

There will be a headless corpse here who is Braxton search him and deal with the cannibals. After that go back to Velma and tell her about the incident and the quest will be over.

Herrick’s Handiwork

Go to the second floor of the Yacht Club and talk to Caleb Herrick. After that go to Velma’s Terminal on the second floor and access her files to get to know that she is taking money from operating budget into her own account.

Go to Velma to confront her about this but she will say that she deserves it. Intimidate her so that she gives Caleb a raise. Go back to Caleb and talk to him and the mission will end and you will get your rewards in The Outer Worlds.

Little Memento

For this quest go talk to Ash who is at the bar in Amber Heights. He wants you to find mementos of his old team. Now make your way to the Hunters Outpost and deal with the marauders inside. After that acquire the intel by accessing the terminal. Head outside west towards the waterfall. Here you’ll find some dead marauders go back to Ash and talk to him. The quest will and you will get the rewards.

Why Call them Back from Retirement?

This The Outer Worlds quest can be taken from Hortense Ingalsbee in Byzantium. Head to the location or just fast travel there to get there quickly. Go inside the retiree area and go inside the elevator. Go down and go to the Early Retirement District. Interact with the terminal up ahead and then go down the elevator.

Here you will see dead bodies and robots roaming around. Deal with them and go back to Hortense. If you tell her the truth you will get your rewards but if you lie you will get board reputation as well.

At Central

Go and talk to Maverick outside Prosperity Plaza in Byzantium. Go to Odeon Pictures go up the elevator and speak with Maverick on the intercom. Go through the door and speak to the Actor. You can either lie to him by saying that the crates are decoys or you can use Intelligence to tell him that his proposal is impossible.

You can challenge him but he won’t agree to it or you can kill everyone there. After that go back to Maverick and the mission will be over and you will get your rewards.
Slaughterhouse Clive

Go and speak to Catherine at Fallbrook for the quest. Go to the location and enter the building through the front gate. If you are not in the mood of fighting then you will need an appropriate ID. The other way to enter is a secret door near the waterfall.

Climb the ladders and keep going up. Go inside the room and avoid the patrolling robot. Go ahead then down the stairs and go right through the gap. Open the locker here and take the items inside the mission will end here.

This marks the end of our The Outer Worlds side quests guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Mods, Perks, Faction Quests, and Attributes guide.