The Outer Worlds Perks Guide – Perk Tiers, Best Perks to Use

The Outer Worlds Perks Guide, The Outer Worlds Best Perks Guide

In our The Outer Worlds Perks Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about all 3 Perk Tiers, effects, unlocking these perks, and the best perks you should consider investing in.

The Outer Worlds Perks

Perks in The Outer Worlds add an additional layer of customization when it comes to building your character. For every 20 points that you invest in a Skill in The Outer Worlds, you’re allowed to choose a Perk.

Apart from this, there’s another way of acquiring Perks in the game. You can simply accept your Flaws in the game – something mandatory in the Supernova difficulty – to earn Perks. Here’s a quick rundown of all the Perks in The Outer Worlds:

Tier 1 Perks

The following are all the Tier 1 Perks in The Outer Worlds:

Toughness rewards you with +50% base health.

Slow the World
Your Tactical Time Dilation lasts around +25% longer.

Lone Wolf
You gain +25% increased damage when you’re alone in party.

Strider allows you to have +25% walk speed.

Similar to Strider, Cheetah allows you to have +20% sprint speed.

High Maintenance
With High Maintenance, your weapons and armor decay -25% slower.

Precision grants you companions +15% critical hit chance.

You gain +10 base Armor Rating.

A Few Bits More
With this perk, you receive +100% additional ammo stock on vendors and +100% additional consumables stock on vending machines.

Pack Mule
You receive +50kg carrying capacity.

Quick and the Dead
Your Tactical Time Dilation meter recharges +20% faster.

You unlock the ability to fast travel while encumbered.

All for One
With All for One unlocked, you receive +50% increased XP from your companions’ kills.

The Negotiator
With the Negotiator, you get -25% vendor surcharges.

Tier 2 Perks

In order to unlock Tier 2 Perks, you need to purchase 5 Tier 1 Perks.

Run and Gun
While moving, the penalty to your weapon accuracy is reduced by -65%.

The Reaper
You acquire a +25% Tactical Time Dilation meter after you kill an enemy.

Weird Science
You deal +50% more Science Weapon damage.

Speed Demon
With Tactical Time Dilation active, Speed Demon provides you with +25% movement speed.

While using Tactical Time Dilation, you deal +20% extra headshot damage and weakspot damage.

The Collector
The Collector highlights all the interactable objects within the +5m radius.

Snake Oil Salesman
With Snake Oil Salesman active, vendors in The Outer Worlds pay you +20% more when selling things.

You gain +10 dialog skills.

Pack of Pack Mules
Your companions in The Outer Worlds grant you with +40kg carrying capacity bonus.

Hoarder reduces the weight of consumables in your inventory by -50%.

With Harvester, you gain +15% HP per kill. For this to work, you must be the one who lands the killing blow on an enemy.

Rolling Thunder
Each kill reduces the cooldown of your Companion Abilities in The Outer Worlds.

Tag Team
With Tag Team, using a companion’s Ability has a +25% chance to reset the other companion’s ability cooldown.

We Band of Brothers
Landing a critical hit has a +25% chance to reset a companion’s Ability cooldown.

Tier 3 Perks

In order to unlock Tier 3 Perks, you need to purchase 10 Perks from the previous tiers.

Wild Science
You gain +50% Science Weapon damage which stacks with the Weird Science perk as well.

Boom, Headshot!
Your headshot kills will cause enemies to explode and deal +25% of the damage to other enemies within the 2.5m radius.

Steady Hand
After killing an enemy, your Weapon Sway and Weapon Accuracy penalties to moving are reduced by +100%.

Every hit after killing an enemy is a critical hit.

Don’t Go Dyin’ on Me!
Reviving a downed companion causes the revived companion to be revived with +25% HP. This perk has a cooldown.

Penetrating Shots
Each ranged hit on an enemy reduces the target’s Armor Rating by -1.

Armor Master
Armor Master increases the Armor Rating by +10% and Skill Bonuses by +100% from any armor you wear.

Last Stand
When you’re below 25% HP, you deal +30% increased damage to all targets.

Super Pack Mule
Super Pack Mule further increases your carrying capacity by +100kg.

Thick Skin
With Thick Skin, the AOE and Plasma Damage dealt with you are reduced by -15%.

Tit for Tat
With Tit for Tat active, +15% of your Melee Damage is refunded as healing.

Tactical Master
With Tactical Master, when you activate the Tactical Time Dilation, you continue to move at your usual speed for 5 seconds.

Whenever you’re under the effects of statuses, you deal +20% increased damage.

Solo Sneaker
When there are no companions in your party, the detection radius is decreased by -33%.

These are all The Outer Worlds Perks. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, be sure to check out our Difficulty Settings Guide.