The Red Tape of Command is the second last main quest in The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon DLC. You can complete The Red Tape of Command to reach the final quest, The Ambrose Intersection where you decide how the game ends. In this guide, we will discuss how to complete The Red Tape of Command.

The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon The Red Tape of Command Walkthrough Guide

Minnie Ambrose asked you to find her mother’s old journal at the upper levels of the Gorgon’s Synthesis & Manufactory Center. While the primary objective is to find the journal but there are some optional tasks you can complete.

To enter the Synthesis & Manufactory Center you need to complete We, in Spacer’s Choice’s Employ and Experiment Perilous. Enter the facility and meet up with PAM. Speaking with PAM allows you to activate PAM’s security protocol. When you trigger the protocol PAM will start killing Marauders.

How to Activate PAM’s Security Protocol

  1. Find PAM Unit Energy Cell (left room on the first floor)
  2. Ask Parvati to fix PAM
  3. Connect PAM to SAM

Use the stairs to the right side of the building and reach the top. Locate Ambrose’s Journal inside the office. As soon as you touch the journal the room will lockdown. There is an opening on the wall which you can use to crouch through. Go back to the Unreliable to end this quest and start The Ambrose Intersection.

This marks the end of our Peril on Gorgon The Red Tape of Command DLC main quest. If you need more help with the game check out The Outer Worlds Wiki.

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