There are a total of fourteen Unique Weapons added to The Outer Worlds with the release of the Murder on Eridanos DLC. Although different from Science Weapons, these Unique Weapons have special names, properties, and are generally better than anything else in the game. In this guide, we’ve detailed the locations of all the Unique Weapons that players can find in The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos DLC.

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos Unique Weapons Locations

The following are the locations of all the Unique Weapons that can be found in the Murder on Eridanos DLC for the game:

All In
During the ‘Lord of Blight’ quest, head inside the SubLight Freight Storage and Processing warehouse at the Piraeus Spaceport on Eridanos. Once inside, go past the lobby and head toward the east of the main area, and turn left to find it placed along a wall of a small room. If not found during the questline, players will need to enter the warehouse from the back-entrance.

To find Brontide, players need to head inside the Phaeton Pilothouse on Eridanos and get to the lower-section of Gyro. Once there, enter the first room after the hallway and head up the ladder on the left-hand side. Once up, check the end of the walkway to find it.

Captain Robin’s Spine
Players need to head over to the Purpleberry Puzzlehedges at the Purpleberry Orchards on Eridanos. Once there, head over to the central area of the hedges to find Captain Robin’s Spine on a bench – it should be inside the building.

Discrepancy Amplifier
It’s automatically obtained at the end of ‘The Last Role of Halycon Helen’ main quest.

Force Magnum
Players are needed to complete ‘The Pteroray Trap’ task in order to acquire the Force Magnum.

There’s a small island that players can find between the Grand Colonial Hotel and the Purpleberry Orchards. Toward the north of the island is a small room that’s got the Frigidariator weapon.

Man Splitter
To find the Man Splitter, players need to head toward the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve on Eridanos. Once there, use the Holey Caves entrance to proceed toward the west side in order to find some containers. The weapon should be on a corpse.

The Pen
Players need to complete the side quest called ‘Your Primal Heart’ to obtain The Pen as a reward.

To find Piledriver, players need to head over to the south of the RR&DD Labs (Purpleberry Orchards) to find a small store containing it.

Plasma Propulsion Pack
While at the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve, head to the backside of the LEGAL Hunting Supplies store to find a camp. Once there, continue to head past the campfire to find the weapon amidst some wreckage.

To find it, players need to head over to the Distillation Station. Once there, head inside the main building and in the room with a large Rizzo’s mascot head in the center. From the area, head inside the left door and continue to crawl through crawlspaces to find it at the end.

Short Circuit
It’s located on a small island between the Wilderness Exploitation Reserve and the Grand Colonial Hotel. Once there, head inside the cave to grab a safe key from enemies. With the key in hand, return to the main island and inside a small building nearby that contains a safe with the Short Circuit.

Signed Tossball Stick
Signed Tossball Stick is located on the VIP floor of the Grand Colonial Hotel on Eridanos. Players can gain access to it during ‘The Man Who Chafed’ main quest.

The last Unique Weapon in The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos DLC can be found in the basement of the Grand Colonial Hotel. It can be accessed from the Kitchen leading to room B2.

This is all we’ve got in our The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos Unique Weapons Locations Guide. Feel free to check out our detailed The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos wiki guides for more help on the DLC.

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