One of the most crucial decisions you can make in The Outer Worlds is regarding the module. During one of the main missions “Candid’s Cradle” in The Outer Worlds, you must obtain a module and give it to Sanjar or Graham. In our The Outer Worlds Module Decision guide we will breakdown each decision and see what the consequences are going to be.

Giving the module over is a huge decision as it has immediate effects on your game as well as ramifications down the line. Keep in mind that this is not a black and white decision, it is completely a personal choice of the player. There some grey area here and both Sanjar and Graham make valid points but you can only go with one of them.

The Outer Worlds Candid’s Cradle Module Decision

In this section of the guide, we will discuss each decision and what they mean for your gameplay and story.

Giving the Module to Sanjar

So what will happen if you give the module to Sanjar in The Outer Worlds? If you give the Module to Sanjar Steller Bay will be attacked by the X. You will be sent to handle the assault and you must kill the X, Graham, and Zoha. You get some XP, Bits and MSI Saltuna Searer, a unique Flamethrower.

Giving the Module to Graham

So what will happen if you give the module to Graham? If you give the module to Graham Steller Bay is attacked but this time by you. During your attack, you will wipe out Monarch Stellar Industries and kill Sanjar. You will end up with a 100% negative reputation with the MSI. You also get some XP, bits, and a Unique Weapon called “The Good Word.”

The Third Option

There is another choice where you don’t have to kill Zora or Sanjar. There is a more peaceful route you can take by speaking with Sanjar. But this option only becomes available when you read Sanjar’s records during BOLT With His Name quest, take additional food for Zora during The Commuter quest, and save the medics during the Pay for the Printer quest. From there you have to complete another quest from Zora called “Sucker Bait.”

If that’s all done, use the following dialogue options.

  • Could you agree to a truce?
  • I’ve read your reviews Sanjar, you can’t do this alone
  • You’re good with details, but you could use someone who sees the big picture
  • What about Graham’s second-in-command, Zora?

Now get Zora’s review and hand it over to Sanjar. Head to Amber Heights and speak with Graham and Zora. Keep in mind that if you didn’t help Zora properly during her quests she won’t help you.

Speak with Zora and convince her to overthrow Graham, tell Graham Zora is taking over and Kill Graham. Once he dead tells Zora that she should join hands with Sanjar.

You need Persuasion (55), Leadership (55), or very high intelligence to convince her. Once both are onboard trying to keep everyone calm and suggest that  Iconoclasts should guard the supply lines. Insist that Sanjar wasn’t responsible for the Amber Heights massacer.

Mention the proof you found. Getting them both on the same team gives the best conclusion to Candid’s Cradle quest.

This marks the end of our The Outer Worlds Module Decision Candid’s Cradle guide. If you need more help with the check out bit farming, side quests, science weapons, and tasks guide.