The Outer Worlds Inventory Space Guide – Unlimited Storage

The Outer Worlds inventory space

If you wish to do well and have a comfortable gameplay experience in The Outer Worlds, inventory space size is crucial. Inventory management will be a hard limitation to handle.  In our The Outer Worlds Inventory Management guide we will discuss ways to increase inventory size and how to access your bedroom to store more items safely.

The inventory space in The Outer Worlds is going to determine just how many weapons, armor pieces, and consumables you can carry.  Space-filling up means you must stop picking up new items.

How To Increase Inventory Size In The Outer Worlds

The inventory space is tied to your strength which determines how many items you can carry. Strength is something you need to focus on and invest in if you want to carry more items in The Outer Worlds. When starting your build, putting some points into the strength attribute is a good idea. How much you invest in strength during character creation will decide how many items you can carry.

If you are past The Outer Worlds’ character creation there are still ways to increase the space. Each of your The Outer Worlds companions will give you additional carrying capacity.  Moreover, there are a few perks you can unlock on each tier to increase inventory space in The Outer Worlds.

  • Pack Mule – +50kg carry capacity
  • Pack Mules Tier 2 – +40kg capacity from companions
  • Super Pack Mules Tier 3 – +100kg carrying capacity

You can also unlock the Hoarder perk to decrease consumables weight by 50%. Keep in mind that there is a stash on your ship that can be used to store items safely.

Unlimited Storage Space In Bedroom

Once you are able to restore power to the Unreliable during the “Comes Now the Power” quest, you will be able to access your bedroom. Here you can store additional items. Simply go up the stairs opposite the ship’s entrance and go in the first room you come across. In your bedroom, you find a big storage container in the far right corner of the room. This is the place you can use to store items you want to keep but don’t have any immediate use of. It is better to store such items than to sell or dismantle. It seems there is no limit to how many items you can out inside the yellow storage container.

This is the end of our The Outer Worlds Inventory Space guide. If you desire more help with the game check out our companions, achievements, Flaws, and Attributes guide.