The Outer Worlds Difficulty Settings Guide – Differences, Which One Should You Choose?

The Outer Worlds Difficulty Settings Guide

There are 4 difficulty levels to choose from in Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds. These difficulty settings are Story, Normal, Hard, and Supernova. With the sole exception of Supernova difficulty setting, you’ve got the complete freedom of changing the game’s difficulty mid-game. Here’s a quick rundown of all 4 difficulty settings in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Difficulty Settings

The first 3 difficulty levels in The Outer Worlds are more or less the same, with enemies having more HP and dealing more damage at higher difficulties. The actual shift in difficulty comes at Supernova, which is TOW’s hardest difficulty. Here’s what you can expect from different difficulty settings in The Outer Worlds:

  1. Story
  2. Normal
  3. Hard
  4. Supernova

As the title suggests, this difficulty setting is meant for players who are completely new to the game and don’t want anything to do with the game being challenging. If you’re just interested in the story and some basic gameplay mechanics, this is the one for you.

A balance between Story and Hard difficulty settings. As opposed to Story difficulty level, enemies will hit a little harder and will have slightly more HP – that’s pretty much all!

If you think that the Normal difficulty setting is too easy for your taste, try giving the Hard difficulty option a shot. There aren’t many differences between Normal and Hard aside from enemies having even more HP and hitting harder than they’d in Normal.

Supernova in The Outer Worlds is where the game comes to life. We’d suggest giving it a go after completing the game on the Hard difficulty setting at least once.

We should also mention it here that you can only select Supernova difficulty setting in The Outer Worlds at the very start of a new game. There isn’t any way to increase the difficulty level to Supernova mid-game. Once you’ve made up your mind on playing The Outer Worlds on Supernova, expect the following things in the game:

  • Enemies will have the largest of HP pools and will hit the hardest.
  • Sleeping, drinking, and eating will be keys to your survival.
  • Speaking of sleeping, no more sleeping outside.
  • Companions will die … permanently!
  • You’ll have to take rest to heal injuries.
  • Weapons/Armor at 0 durability score won’t do you any good unlike lower level difficulties.
  • You must accept flaws.
  • Fast traveling will be highly limited. You’ll only be able to fast travel to your ship.
  • You’ll have to rely on your ship to manually save your game. Auto-save will be there in the game but in a limited capacity.

This is all we’ve got in our The Outer Worlds Difficulty Settings Guide. For more on TOW, be sure to check out our Perks Guide.