The Outer Worlds Builds Guide – Best Builds, Recommended Attributes, Skills, Perks, Weapons

The Outer Worlds Builds Guide

Building your character in any RPG can be considered the most fun or frustrating aspect of the game and Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is no different. The game gives you plenty of options to work with and the build diversity is virtually endless – even more than Fallout: New Vegas. As soon as you step into Halcyon for the first time, you should immediately start building your character. This is where our The Outer Worlds Character Builds Guide comes in.

When creating your character, the first thing that you need to ask yourself is which playstyle you want to go with. Your playstyle should determine which skills, perks, attributes, and aptitude you should choose when it comes to builds in The Outer Worlds. To help you achieve that, we’ve got a few builds for different styles of play that you can use as stepping stones as you work toward your final build.

The Outer Worlds Character Builds

We understand that not everyone wants to put in a whole lot of effort into building a perfect character. And for you folks, feel free to take any of these character builds as they are and have fun. However, those of you who care about min-max, note that none of these Outer Worlds builds are set in stone. You can always make changes and tweak to see what works best for you.

But before we start, do note that weapons, armor, skills, perks, attributes, and aptitude constitute a build in The Outer World. Therefore, it’s important that we briefly touch these subjects before talking about various builds.


During the Character Creation in The Outer Worlds, you’re provided with 6 Attribute Points. By default, each Attribute is set at 6 with 9 being the cap. You’re free to lower an Attribute and invest that additional Attribute Point somewhere else. However, do note that if you lower an Attribute, you’ll have to deal with “negative” effects. For instance, lowering the Intelligence will unlock the Dumb Dialogue.

Investing a single Attribute Point in a specific Attribute will increase that Attribute’s corresponding Skills by +3. There are a total of 6 Attributes in The Outer Worlds. The following is a list of skills they affect:

Strength 1-Handed Melee, 2-Handed Melee, Heavy Weapons, Intimidate, Inspiration, Block
Dexterity 1-Handed Melee, Handguns, Block, Sneak, Lockpick, Dodge
Intelligence Persuade, Hack, Medical, Science, Determination, Long Guns
Perception Handguns, Long Guns, Heavy Weapons, Dodge, Lockpick, Engineering
Charm Persuade, Lie, Intimidate, Hack, Science, Inspiration
Temperament 2-Handed Melee, Lie, Sneak, Medical, Engineering, Determination

Since some skills like 2-Handed Melee are affected by more than a single Attribute, you can continue to invest into those Attributes to maximize it. You need to put a little thought into it though since you won’t be able to improve your Attributes later in the game.

Also, as you might’ve guessed, the starting Skills in The Outer Worlds are determined by Attributes. Therefore, choose the ones that you think you’d want heading into the game.


Level Cap in TOW is Level 30, which means that you’ll have a finite number of Skill Points and Perk Points to work with. What this means is that you shouldn’t expect to put points everywhere and create a God-like character. It’s always better to choose a set of Skills that you want to play around and continue to invest in them.

Every time you level up in The Outer Worlds, you receive 10 Skill Points, totaling at 290 Skill Points after you reach Level 30. In addition to this, every alternate level provides you with a Perk Point, allowing you to have 15 Perk Points after reaching the Level Cap. Apart from the Skill Points that you earn by leveling up your character, you also receive 2 special Skill Points at the start of the game.

The reason why I’m labeling these Skill Points as special is that each of these adds +10 points to all the Skills under the skill category of your choice.


Perks in The Outer Worlds are divided into 3 categories. They offer you a wide variety of effects ranging from increased Science Weapon Damage to lifesteal, increased carrying capacity, etc. As mentioned earlier, you receive a Perk Point after every alternate level up. You also receive a Perk Point for every Flaw in the game. To learn more about Perks, check out our Best Perks Guide.


In The Outer Worlds, you’ll receive Flaws after you repeatedly die from the same source. The source can be Feral Wolves, burn damage, etc. These are essentially “Negative Attributes”.

You can always turn them down if you don’t want to be handicapped while playing the game. However, do note that you must accept them if playing on the Supernova difficulty. For a complete list of Flaws in The Outer Worlds, be sure to check out our Flaws Guide.


Aptitude in The Outer Worlds isn’t as important as Skills, Perks, or Attributes. They’re there to help you better define your character in the game. Found in the Character Creation screen, Aptitude allows you to define your character’s history/background – nothing more.

How to Respec?

While you’re building your character, mistakes are bound to be made. To help you counteract them, you’re allowed to respect your Perk Points and Skill Points in The Outer Worlds. To do that, you need to head over to The Unreliable and outside the Engine Room.

Once there, you should see the Vocational Competence Respecification Machine in front of it. Respec-ing your character in The Outer Worlds will cost you Bits (the in-game currency) – the cost will continue to increase with each respec.

Also, do note that you can only respec your Skills and Perks. It doesn’t apply to Attributes.

Best Builds in the Outer Worlds

With these things out of the way, let’s talk about actual character builds in The Outer Worlds. As mentioned earlier, there isn’t a build in here that isn’t subject to change. You can always tweak and make changes as you see fit to try and perfect the build for your playstyle.

1. Mad Scientist

The character build in The Outer Worlds is all about utilizing the power of Science Weapons. Since there are more than one Science Weapon in the game, you can either build around a single weapon or multiple weapons.

  • Attributes: x3 Intelligence, x2 Strength, x1 Perception
  • Skills: Science Weapons, Ranged, Melee
  • Companion: Vicar Max
  • Tier 1 Perks: Toughness, High Maintenance, Lone Wolf
  • Tier 2 Perks: Weird Science, Harvester
  • Tier 3 Perks: Wild Science, Confidence, Armor Master, Revenge, Tit for Tat, Penetrating Shots
  • Weapons: Shrink Ray, Mandibular Rearranger, Gloop Gun

I’d suggest trying out the different Science Weapons and choosing the one that you like the most. This should allow you to focus on the Skills that will benefit the type of weapon you’re using and providing you with room to invest in Dialogue, Lockpicking, etc.

Vicar Max should further boost your Science Weapons damage by 20% using Mad Max. In addition to this, you should also consider to mod your Science Weapons as much as you possibly can to increase their effectiveness. Some of the Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds that we recommend include Shrink Ray, Mandibular Rearranger, and the Gloop Gun.

As for the Perks, they should help you bolster the damage of Science Weapons alongside a few buffs to increase the damage in general.

2. Melee Juggernaut

In case the title didn’t give it away, this Outer Worlds build revolves around melee-ing enemies till their last breath. But since melee-ing alone won’t cut it, we’ll also throw in some Heavy Armor to provide you with all the sustain that you’ll need. Let’s dive into it:

  • Attributes: x3 Strength, x3 Intelligence, x1 Temperament
  • Skills: 1-Handed/2-Handed, Science, Block
  • Tier 1 Perks: Toughness, Cheetah, High Maintenance, Resilient
  • Tier 2 Perks: Harvester
  • Tier 3 Perks: Armor Master, Revenge, Tit for Tat
  • Weapons: Any 1-Handed with Plasma, Shock, Corrosion

For Attributes, we decided to bolster our Melee Damage and Critical Hit Damage as much as possible with Strength and Intelligence. If you’re playing on higher difficulty settings, you should also consider removing a point from Dexterity/Perception and investing it into Temperament for a bit of HP regeneration.

Coming to Skills, you can either go with 1-Handed Melee or 2-Handed Melee depending on what you’re comfortable with. Either way, you’ll receive a nice Critical Hit Damage bonus, which is great. With Science, you’ll receive additional Armor and buffs to certain damage types, which if you end up using, will benefit you greatly.

Lastly, Block may not seem like a good choice but you’ll eventually start to see its worth as you near the end-game. On top of that, it will provide you with some additional Armor. You shouldn’t say no to that!

For Perks, you mostly want to go with the ones that provide you with additional Armor, HP regeneration per hit, damage buffs, and durability. The recommended Perks will ensure that you never say no to a good fight and are always in the heat of the battle.

I should also mention it here but if you don’t like to play with companions, you should consider taking the Lone Wolf perk. If you like to play with companions, having Leadership will go a long way.

3. T-800

Remember T-800 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day? With this Outer Worlds Build, you’ll be able to cosplay him in the game. Our T-800 build is all about utilizing Heavy Weapons and Heavy Armor, allowing you to drop bodies wherever you go without as much a scratch on your shiny armor. Let’s get to it:

  • Attributes: x3 Intelligence, x3 Temperament, Perception/Dexterity (Optional)
  • Skills: Heavy Weapons, Science, Any Personal Preference
  • Tier 1 Perks: Toughness, Strider, High Maintenance, Lone Wolf
  • Tier 2 Perks: Run and Gun, Harvester
  • Tier 3 Perks: Steady Hand, Penetrating Shots, Revenge, Armor Master, Thick Skin
  • Weapons: Any Heavy Weapon

For Attributes, you should always try to maximize your damage potential, be it Headshot/Weakspot Damage or Critical Hit Damage. With Temperament, you’ll get all the sustain in the world without the need for backing off to heal. This build is all about killing things and that’s exactly what you’ll achieve with it. You can also consider investing an Attribute Point in Dexterity/Perception but that’s completely a personal preference.

Coming to Skills, you’ll primarily need Heavy Weapons and Science for increased Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, and Elemental Damage. Since it can be a little hard to control the recoil patterns of Heavy Weapons, investing in the Heavy Weapons skill will also circumvent that.

For the remaining Skill Points, you can invest in Medical or Engineering to increase damage against Humans/Automechanicals but that’s completely optional. However, you won’t be able to get this damage boost until you maximize them so be sure to keep this in mind!

The recommended Perks for this build are all about keeping you alive and ensuring that you don’t miss your shots. While you should always play around with Perks to see which ones work best for you but I’d highly suggest survivability, increased Armor rating, and accuracy over other things.

When it comes to weapons, you can go with Heavy Machine Gun, Shock Cannon, or the Flamethrower depending on your playstyle. Also, don’t forget to apply some mods on your weapons to increase their overall effectiveness.

If you like to play with companions, make sure to swap out Medical or Engineering for Leadership to help your companions. That’s pretty much all there is to this build.

4. Halcyon Sniper

This Outer Worlds build can be considered the opposite of Melee Juggernaut one. With this one, you’ll slowly pick off enemies one by one from a distance without ever being in the danger of being ganged up. As you might’ve guessed, the build relies on Long Guns and Tactical Time Dilation. Let’s start:

  • Attributes: x3 Intelligence, x3 Perception
  • Skills: Long Guns, Sneak, Science
  • Tier 1 Perks: Quick and the Dead, Slow the World
  • Tier 2 Perks: The Reaper, Scanner
  • Tier 3 Perks: Confidence, Solo Sneaker
  • Weapons: Hunting Rifle, Plasma Rifle

Since you’re a sniper, all you need is Critical Hit Damage and Headshot/Weakspot Damage. The passive from the Long Guns will automatically increase your Critical Hit Chance meshes incredibly well with the said Attributes. You’ll obviously need to land all your shots to make the most out of the build.

Coming to Skills, you only need Science, Sneak, and Long Guns for this build. All of these Skills will ensure that you’re ignoring Armor on enemies and dishing out an insane amount of damage per shot. Not only you’ll have high Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage, with Science, but you’ll also be able to mod your weapons for some additional punch.

Remember I said that we’ll utilize Tactical Time Dilation in this build? Perks is where we get to it. All the recommended Perks should allow you to maximize TTD in The Outer Worlds. It’s important to note that you don’t really need a whole lot of Perks when it comes to this build so there isn’t any need of accepting Flaws when you don’t have to.

When it comes to weapons, you can go with any Long Gun with high damage per shot. Your safest bets should be the Hunting Rifle and Plasma Rifle. Try to mod them to complement the build. If you aren’t too good with Long Guns at close range, you can consider pulling out a mid-range weapon. It shouldn’t cause an issue.

5. Leader of the Pack

As Arya Stark once quoted, “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” This build focuses on utilizing your companions and keeping them safe to the best of your abilities. To achieve that, we’ll primarily focus on our Leadership skills. Let’s get to it:

  • Attributes: x3 Intelligence, x3 Charm
  • Skills: Leadership, Dialogue, Inspiration, Determination
  • Tier 1 Perks: Toughness, Slow the World, Precision, All for One
  • Tier 2 Perks: Pack of Pack Mules, Rolling Thunder, Tag Team, We Band of Brothers
  • Tier 3 Perks: Don’t Go Dyin’ on Me, Last Stand

For Attributes, you need to go with Intelligence and Charm in order to have companions’ abilities as early as possible. The reason for starting with these Attributes is to affect different Skills that directly improve the effectiveness of companions in the game.

Coming to Skills, Inspiration should allow your companions to deal increased damage and survive for as long as possible. To better ensure the survivability of your companions, you should go with Determination. This skill should also allow you to have increased Critical Hit Damage alongside survivability. As for Dialogue, it’s completely optional and you’re free to go with something else if you want.

When it comes to Perks, almost all of them will help your companions to dish out an insane amount of damage, have shorter cooldowns, and survive for as long as they possibly can. You don’t really have to accept Flaws unless you really want to invest in a Perk that you like.

6. The Sweet Talker

Speech is a powerful tool in The Outer Worlds and the purpose of this character build is to prove it. That isn’t to say that you won’t get to fire a single shot throughout the entirety of the game. The people of Halcyon can be a little stubborn to deal with. Let’s get into it:

  • Attributes: x3 Intelligence, x3 Charm
  • Skills: Persuade, Lie, Inspiration
  • Tier 1 Perks: Precision, Deadly Demonstrations
  • Tier 2 Perks: Tag Team
  • Tier 3 Perks: Don’t Go Dyin’ on Me!

Starting with Attributes, you need to put all your Attribute Points into Intelligence and Charm. Not only will you be able to have increased Critical Hit Damage and shorter ability cooldowns for your companions, but the Attributes will also directly affect your Skills.

Speaking of Skills, Persuade is arguably the single most important one for this build. With it, you’ll be able to have increased chances of inflicting Cower on human enemies and gain Armor while doing so. Inspiration is there to help you make the most out of your companions. And lastly, with Lie, you’ll be able to control Automechanical enemies and using them to damage other enemies nearby.

These Outer Worlds Skills should ensure that you don’t have to get down and dirty. Finally, coming to Perks, there are a few options at your disposal that you can play with. The recommended above should allow you to make the most out of your companions and deal decent damage when it comes to you.

This is all we’ve got in our Best Builds Guide for the Outer Worlds. For more on the game, check out our Companions Locations Guide, UDL Lab Weapons Keycard Guide, and Best Perks Guide.