The Outer Worlds Bits Farming Guide: How To Farm Money Fast

The Outer Worlds Bits

In The Outer Worlds, Bits is the currency that you need in order to upgrade your gear and weapons including other things. This is a valuable resource and you really cannot get enough of it. Having plenty of Bits in the game is going to be very helpful indeed. In this, The Outer Worlds bit farming guide we are going to walk you through how you can farm money fast in the game.

How To Farm Bits In The Outer Worlds

The following are all the different ways in which you can farm bits in The Outer Worlds.

Sell Items For Bits

Just like other RPGs, you can farm bits in The Outer Worlds by breaking down items. You can sell items at vendors and vending machines. You can sell pretty much anything in the game in order to make some money fast. Just be sure not to sell something that you are going to need or use.

The Outer Worlds Bits

You can use perks like Pack Mule that allow you to carry as many items as possible. Loot everything that you find and sell these items in order to earn some bits fast in the game. The Snake Oil Salesman perk is a tier 2 perks that we also recommend getting. It increases the number of Bits that you get for selling items by 20%.

Simply Progress The Game For Rewards

Doing missions is pretty straight forward and it might be obvious but doing so will reward you with Bits. You can get multiple rewards and items that you can sell. Some reward items have no purpose but to sell for Bits.

This marks the end of our The Outer Worlds Bits farming guide.

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