The Medium Saying Goodbye to Jack Walkthrough: Chapter 1

The Medium Saying Goodbye to Jack, The Medium The Bunker Keypad Puzzle Solution Guide

After a long and hard wait, The Medium is finally released. Exploring the dark secrets of The Medium begins with Chapter 1, Saying Goodbye to Jack. The following is RespawnFirst’s complete walkthrough of Saying Goodbye to Jack which is chapter 1 of The Medium.

The Medium Saying Goodbye to Jack Walkthrough

As the game kicks off the very first objective you get is to find Jack’s Tie Clip. The lead character, Marianne, is at Jack’s house where she attempts to find his special tie clip. Open the door and you’ll notice a black cat running into a room at the end of the hallway. Follow the cat inside the room to find Jack’s office.

Inside the office, you can interact with multiple objects to explore more of Jack’s life in his office. To find Jack’s special tie clip you must interact with the sideboard near the left wall. Look for a jewelry box near the wooden clock and a plant pot. The tie clip should’ve been inside the jewelry box but for some reason, it isn’t.

Press and Hold LB on Xbox and L1 on PlayStation to trigger Marianne’s Inside ability. You will find the special tie clip under the wooden clock.

There is an optional objective here as well. You can find Jack’s cat and develop a special photo. Go to Jack’s kitchen where you can interact with the newspaper, find the cat food to feed the cat through its bowl. In the kitchen, there is a door that takes you to the darkroom where you can develop photos.

The process of developing photos is written on the wall but if you still need help, here are the steps required for it.

  1. Illuminate photo for 5 seconds
  2. Dip in multigrade for 3 seconds
  3. Dip in stop for 3 seconds
  4. Dip in fixer for 3 seconds

Keep in mind that these are strict steps, you need to be precise when counting down each second. If you miss time even a single dip you’ll have to start over the process. Interact with the photos and illuminate the white sheet for 5 seconds, dip into the first tub for 3 seconds, the second tub for 3 seconds, and in the Fixer liquid for 3 seconds.

Once you are done exploring Jack’s apartment, leave and head down the car parking. Follow the set of open doors to reach The Last Goodbye Funeral Home.

Note: There is a wall with graffiti on it before the funeral home door, interact with it to unlock an achievement.

Unlock the funeral home door and proceed around the corner and enter the main office. There you will find multiple interactive objects such as notes and pictures but you are looking for the Prep Room key.

Grab the key and head to the Prep Room near the entrance of the funeral house. Open the Prep Room door and head down the stairs. Open the indicated morgue door to find Jack’s body. Interact with Jack and pick up his tie from the stool. Combine the tie and the clip. Interact with Jack and again to start a cutscene.

Close the Morgue Door and follow the scary figure back to the office above. Enter the office to start the next cutscene and unfold the mysterious story of The Medium.

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