The Medium Memory Shards Locations Guide

The Medium memory shards locations

Among the collectibles, you can pick up in The Medium are memory shards. There are a handful of them you can find spread across different levels, and nooks and crannies. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know about all The Medium Memory Shards locations.

The Medium Memory Shards Locations

Memory Shard Location #1

Inside Ursula’s room, drop down and activate the Insight Ability to find it.

Memory Shard Location #2

Use the razor blade to exit Ursula’s room, look to the right of the dried sunflower to find another Memory Shard.

Memory Shard Location #3

When you reach the Dayroom, interact with the bag of fluid on the IV drip in the middle. This comes after a short cutscene with Sadness.

Memory Shard Location #4

After you solve the globe puzzle, a door to an outside will unlock. Follow the path to the other room and interact with the piano.

Memory Shard Location #5

Inside the Teacher’s Room after you get your hands on the key. Move toward the wall with a flower and butterfly mural and unlock the door. Go to the desk and interact with the glasses.

Memory Shard Location #6

Deal with the moth swarm using your Spirit Shield ability and go downstairs, across go across the room to the right. Interact with the painting.

Memory Shard Location #7

From the last Memory Shard, follow the spirit trail a toy doll placed on a chair.

Memory Shard Location #8

From the last shard, follow the spirit trail again to reach a ribbon on a desk.

Memory Shard Location #9

Before you go toward the Red House, you will see some debris to the left. Inspect the fuel container in the rubble to get the Memory Shard.

Memory Shard Location #10

This shard is outside the main entrance of the Red House. Inspect it to bring up a cutscene.

And that’s all the information you need to find The Medium Memory Shards Locations. You can also visit the complete collectibles guide or the dedicated The Medium Wiki.

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