The Medium Investigate the Dayroom Walkthrough Guide

The Medium investigate the Dayroom walkthrough

The Medium puts players in a bunch of different scenarios and one of them is investigating the Dayroom. Below is a complete walkthrough for “Investigate the Dayroom” in The Medium.

The Medium Investigate the Dayroom Walkthrough

Once you get to the Dayroom, there are several notes, memory shards, and echoes that you can pick up. You visit our Memory Shards locations and notes locations guides for exact locations.

Go to the left side of the room where you will find some horse drawings. Collect the echo as well as the diary note nearby. To the left side, there is another note on the sofa. Go to the very center of the room to pick up another Memory Shard from the IV Drip.

Inside the room, there is another room in the left corner. There is a large globe in the middle that activates the Dayroom Globe Puzzle.

Dayroom Globe Puzzle Solution

Activate the Out of Body ability and grab the globe from the shelf. Go out of the room with the globe and place it on the globe in the other room to fix the missing piece. Now you need to rearrange it. There are three main pieces here – Eyes, Nose, and Mouth.

  1. Move the Eyes up once.
  2. Move the Nose up once.
  3. Move the Eyes up twice.
  4. Move the Mouth up twice.
  5. Move the Nose up once.

Now you can spin the globe in the Material World.

Final Piece of Sheet Music Location

Now that the balcony entrance is accessible, head over and follow the path to reach the next to you. You will find a piano there but you need three pieces of the music sheet to use it. Inside the piano room, there is a key sitting on the small cabinet. Take the key and return to the globe room to open the locked room. Inside the locked room you will find the final music sheet.

Go back to the piano with all three sheets and combine them to form a spirit wall.

Moths and Lower Floor

Use your Spirit Shield to go through the moths to reach a large open room. There are a ton of relatable items in this area, pick them up and once you’re ready to move on with the story, interact with the wheelchair to start the cutscene.

And that’s the end of our The Medium Investigate the Dayroom Walkthrough.

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