The Medium is out now and there are plenty of secrets in the game that you might miss. In this The Medium guide, we are going to walk you through the Find Thomas objective. We are going to cover entering the hotel getting the razor blade and finding the secret room in Thomas’ Office.

The Medium Find Thomas Walkthrough

You start off with a cutscene and Marianne will come to the Niwa Workers’ Resort. This is where you need to make your way inside but the gate is locked. You can search the small building next to the gate and find your first postcard.

How To Get Through The Locked Gate

When you want to enter the building, you can head to the left of the building and then with the help of the large dumpster get over the wall. You then need to follow the path to the end. After that, go down the small ledge and follow the path ahead which will take you to the forest. You can inspect the vandalized war mural.

After you have done that, you can come back to the main road and head right to trigger a cutscene. You will hear children laughing. Activate Insight to look at the footprints on the ground. You need to follow them through the forest and get to the fort that has been left in ruins.

Head down the steps and through the narrow gap. You will then go through a split. You will have to play through both realities at this point. Jump on the ledge close to you and get to the power box. Use the split realities to get the power box running.

In order to do that you will need to find energy. Follow the path left and at the end use the ledge to get to a caved-in floor. Absorb the energy and get back to the power box. Once you are there charge a Spirit Blast and unleash it to power the box.

Since the power is back, you can open the gate and proceed forward. Follow the footprints with Insight and get to the Niwa Hotel. On the way, you can interact with the statue with a monkey.

Go to the main entrance of the building and pick up the phone that you can hear ringing. It is at the bottom of the stairs. Hold the location of the crack for a few seconds to register it properly.

How To Get Inside Niwa Hotel

Once you have heard the phone call, you need to follow the footsteps and get to the door of the hotel. The door is obviously locked. You need to go right and interact with the broken window. Attempt to open the door along the right wall. You will then need to find an item that can be used as a door handle.

Go back to the payphone and turn left towards the car park. You will find a small car parked along the ledge. Open the trunk of the car and you will find a screwdriver. You can use this as a door handle. Go back to the door and use the screwdriver to open the door with the dumpster inside. Now you need to move the dumpster outside and use it to climb onto the ledge on top of the door.

Getting To The Second Floor Of The Hotel

Now that you are inside, head to the large metal gate. Follow the dinging sound and go to the lobby desk where you can answer the bell. You will then be introduced to Sadness. You can then use the elevator to get to the second floor of the hotel. Interestingly, the elevator is going to lose power when you get to the first floor.

You must then restore power by triggering an out of body experience and control your alternate reality. You can only do this for a short amount of time so when you leave the elevator, interact with the power box and climb down the steps. You will find a large amount of energy that you can absorb in the area not far from where you entered the hotel.

Absorb the energy and come back to the Power Box. Use the Spirit Blast to restore power. Now you can use the controls of the elevator to get to the second floor. When you get to the second floor you need to go through the hallway to trigger the cutscene. When the moths come flying at you summon your Spirit Shield to keep yourself safe and keep yourself from losing health.

Once the moths have passed, proceed through the hallway and get to the door that enables you to have the out of body experience. Head into the room quickly and take the key that you can find inside. Come back to the locked door that is at the start of the hallway.

Open the door, head inside, and take the path through the bathroom. You will then get to a room with a hole in the floor. Use your insight to answer the phone that is sitting on the window sill. Then head down the hole. Interact with the book that is next to the plants. This will complete a point of recollection from the past.

To build this you need to move the left analog stick until all parts of the memory are reconstructed. This will then trigger a cutscene. After that head outside and through the balcony to get to the skin wall. When you are going through the bathroom, you will find pills and a letter. These are part of the Mentor’s Diaries Memo’s. Getting the letter is going to unlock an achievement.

You can then use the out of body experience to get past the hidden force field. Go across the ledge to the room. Head to the door behind the empty pot and look through the small hole. This will trigger another cutscene. The door is going to be open, you can go into the bathroom and empty the bath to find the razor blade.

You can now return to the dual reality and use the razor blade to cut through the skin wall. Enter the room and get the dried sunflower from the pot plant and interact with the bowl to reconstruct a memory from the point of recollection.

Use the dried up flow and return to the next room to place it in the vase in order to activate the pool of energy in the alternate reality. Now that you have recharged your powers, you exit the room and use your spirit shield to pass through the moths. Continue forward on your path and go up the steps. When you get to the top, push the laundry trolley away from the door and move down the hall intel you reach the skin wall. Cut through it.

Pass through the moths with your Spirit Shield and enter the first door open on your left. When you are inside you get a cutscene when you interact with the door.

Thomas’ Office

Head inside the office and investigate the large clock on the right. After that examine the desk contents. Pick up the flashlight and find the small key that fits into the large clock.

How To Enter The Secret Room In Thomas’ Office

Open the door to the clock you will be able to move the clock hands. Doing so will change the room in the spirit world. To get to the secret room, move the clock hands to 4:00. This will open a spirit well on the desk. Absorb the energy and come back.

Move the hands to 5:00/ See the mysterious man opening the door to the secret room. To solve the puzzle you need to hold Bor Circle to have an out of body experience. Control Marianne in the spirit world and go through the door. Inside there is a power box. Stand close to it and charge your spirit blast and then release it to power it.

Come back to the material world, inspect the cabinet that has the photos of the secretary. You will learn that there is a secret switch hidden behind the photo. Move the photo and press the button to open the secret door.

You will need some items to develop the photos found on the bench. The following are the items and where you can find them:

Fixer Wooden chair by the bench
Metal Tray Inside of a crate on the ground by the filing shelves
Multigrade Shelf next to the location of the Metal Tray
Stop Sink next to the bench

When searching the symbol on the floor you will find a letter from a man that is troubled. Once you have collected the above-mentioned items, place the metal tray on the bench, fill the trays with photography liquid. The order is not important. Just use an order that you will remember.

Before you start, use the switch on the wall to turn on the Red light. After that, use the machine, place the White photograph paper under the developer for 5 seconds. USe the illuminated photograph, dip the sheet into the multigrade for 3 seconds. After dipping the sheet in multigrade, dip it in the stop liquid for 3 seconds. After that dip it in the fixer liquid for 3 seconds.

That is all for our The Medium Find Thomas walkthrough. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on where you can find all the collectibles. For more content related to the game check out our The Medium guides hub.

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