The Medium Collectibles Locations Guide: Where to Find All Collectibles

The Medium Collectibles Locations, The Medium The Red House Puzzle Solution Guide

Playing The Medium means facing the most horrific supernatural situations. However, every now and then you can take a detour and grab the available collectibles in The Medium. There are 50+ Collectibles in The Mediums and below you will find all locations to help you find them all.

The Medium Collectibles Locations

Collectible Location #1 – Photo

Inside Jack’s apartment, there is a dark room inside the kitchen. There is a photo inside that you can pick up but you need to develop it first. You can reach our complete guide on how to develop photos in The Medium.

Collectible Location #2 – Groundskeeper’s Postcards

Ride to the Niwa gate and look inside the gatehouse.

Collectible Location #3 – Groundkeeper’s Postcards

After you solve the puzzle using the Spirit Charge, head over to the Niwa Building and parking lot. Find the car that has the postcard and a screwdriver.

Collectible Location #4 – Eerie Drawing

Look in the car where you found the last postcard.

Collectible Location #5 – Echo

In the Niwa parking lot look on the side of the phone, close to the hotel entrance.

Collectible Location #6 – Echo

To get inside the Hotel you use a dumpster. Once you get inside go left and look near a shoe and some suitcases.

Collectible Location #7 – Groundskeeper’s Postcards

In the hotel lobby go past the torn-down staircase and go right. Look on top of an ashtray.

Collectible Location #8 – Echo

When you to the other world’s hotel and find a key on the 2nd floor, enter the room and go to the bathroom. Reach the next room and look to your right, find the telephone before you jump down the hole.

Collectible Location #9 – Memory Shard

After you drop down from the last collectible, trigger the Insight ability (press and hold LB or Xbox and R1 on PlayStation), activate the book near the vase.

Collectible Location #10 – Echo

In Ursula’s bathroom, you will find a bottle of pills.

Collectible Location #11 – Mentor’s Diaries

Near the bottle of pills, you found early in Ursula’s room.

Collectible Location #12 – Echo

Use the razor to reach the next area and look inside the sink in the bathroom.

Collectible Location #13 – Memory Shard

Look to the right of the dried sunflower.

Collectible Location #14 – Troubled Man’s Notes

Cut through the second skin sheet, burn moths, and go inside the room to the right side. Look inside a box.

Collectible Location #15 – Eerie Drawings

From where you found the last collectible, look right to find more Eerie Drawings.

Collectible Location #16 – Troubled Man’s Notes

Go inside Thomas’ office after you speak with Sadness. Look on his desk for this note.

Collectible Location #17 – Troubled Man’s Notes

Reach Thomas’ secret Darkroom and look at the back, and on top of the strange symbols.

Collectible Location #18 – Photo

Develop the photos in the darkroom. Visit our guide on how to develop pictures in The Medium.

Collectible Location #19 – Troubled Man’s Notes

Before the Dayroom go right and find this note behind a pillar.

Collectible Location #20 – Echo

each the pool area and look toward the barricaded area.

Collectible Location #21 – Echo

Jump into the pool and go to the barricade near the last collectible.

Collectible Location #22 – Echo

Near the pool there is a hole that leads to another room, crawl through it and go straight. Inspect a pair of shorts in the room.

Collectible Location #23 – Groundskeeper’s Postcards

Check the back room of the room where you found the last collectible.

Collectible Location #24 – Troubled Man’s Notes

From the last collectible go upstairs, investigate the junk in the right side of the next corridor.

Collectible Location #25 – Echo

Sadness will lead you to a toy with your Spirit Vision.

Collectible Location #26 – Echo

Inside the pool, part of the path you’re currently on from the last collectible.

Collectible Location #27 – Echo

Keep following the same path as the last two collectibles and you will find another echo.

Collectible Location #28 – Echo

Inside the shower room, move the cart out of the way.

Collectible Location #29 – Echo

Maw will break through the door, go through that door and across the hall to reach the Examination Room. It’s on the phone on the wall.

Collectible Location #30 – Eerie Drawing

Use the mirror to reach the other world and move toward the camera.

Collectible Location #31 – Groundskeeper’s Postcards

Use the key to enter the room near the Examination Room and go left, find the postcard in the corner of the room.

Collectible Location #32 – Echo

Look at the signed picture of the ballerina in the manager’s room.

Collectible Location #33 – Echo

Inside Vivenne’s room, interact with the numbers after picking up the page from the foot of the bed.

Collectible Location #34 – Eerie Drawings

Go into the room to the left of the souls and check the back.

The Medium Collectibles Locations Guide is a work in progress. In the meantime, visit our dedicated The Medium Wiki for more helpful content.

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