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The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum Chapter Two Walkthrough


In the previous chapter one, the attempt of Gollum to escape from Nazgul failed. Ring-Wraiths take him to the pit below Barad-Dur. The journey in the pits is a long one. Here we will guide you on carefully completing each objective to complete Chapter Two; The Maggot.

Go to Mustering Yard And Report To The Beast Master

After being captured by the Nazgul, Gollum finds himself in the pits. The journey continues in a cave where he must rest beside the window to start the next day. Upon waking up, exit the cell and follow the path located to the left of the door. At the end of the path, you will arrive at the Mustering Yard. Proceed to the right, where you will find a cage filled with people. Follow them as they move, and eventually, you will reach the Beastmaster.

Mustering Yard And Beastmaster location

Follow The Frail Man And Cage The Borocs

When you reach the Beastmaster your next objective is to follow the frail man and he will take you down in the pit where you have to cage Borocs.

How To Cage Borocs?

Instead of engaging in a fight, make the enemies aware of your presence and quickly run towards the gate. If Borrocs or any other enemies approach you, seek higher ground where they cannot reach you. Use the advantage of elevated positions to evade their pursuit.

Cage The boroc

Go down using ladder and run
towards the gate to pull the lever

After pulling the lever and opening the gate, the challenge is not yet over. There are two more Borrocs inside the cage. Swiftly run towards the other gate and promptly climb the wall directly ahead. Ascend and proceed while following the path indicated by the yellow question mark. Once you reach the designated location, pull the lever to cage the remaining Borrocs, securing your safety.

Location to cage the other two boroc in lord of the rings chapter two

Report To The Mine Orc And Collect 8 Tags

After dealing with the Borrocs, make your way to the mines where your objective is to collect eight tags from the bodies of the deceased. Engage in a conversation with the Mine Orc, and following the subsequent cutscene, follow the frail man to the location where you will commence collecting the tags from the deceased individuals.

Tag Locations

First Tag Location

Once the Frail Man comes to a halt, continue walking along the narrow path to descend into the mines. Utilize the wall to aid you in crossing to the other side of the deep hole, and then leap onto the platform situated in the middle. Hang from the edge and jump down and across to reach the ledge below, positioning yourself closer to the ground for a safe entrance into the actual mines.

Upon landing, you will notice two workers ahead of you. Behind you, a body lies on the ground. Collect the tag from the body, and then proceed to climb down the ladder.

Second Tag Location

Turn towards the flowing lava and make your way toward the right side to locate the second body.

Third Tag Location

Return to the ladder and take the path on the left side. Continue following that path until you reach a lift with a lever. Pull the lever to activate the lift, and then ride it upwards to reach the area above.

From there, follow the path in a clockwise direction until you come across the third body. Afterward, climb the pillar located behind you.

Fourth Tag Location

To reach the Fourth tag location jump backward multiple times to reach the top of the lava using baskets. As you approach the scaffolding, you will come across two possible paths. Choose the right side. Run along the wall to cross over a gap, and you will discover the fourth body.

Fifth Tag Location

Descend the two ladders close to the body and head towards the right side, away from the pair of orcs positioned at the bottom. In the middle of the path, you will find an alcove on the right side where the fifth tag is located. Pick up the tag from there. Afterward, climb down another set of ladders.

Sixth Tag Location

When you land between the third and fourth ladders, you will notice that the area is spacious but devoid of any objects or obstacles. Look along the edge near the entrance for the fourth and final ladder.

On the right side, there is a worker who is still alive but in critical condition. However, his survival is unlikely. You have the option to take his identification tag, which will exempt you from completing the final climbing section. Alternatively, you can choose to leave him be.

Seventh Tag Location

After making your decision, proceed by taking the path on the left side. Continue along the path until you reach its end, where you will encounter a wall that you can run up to access a climbable section. Jump towards the left side, maneuvering behind a pair of orcs engaged in conversation.

Continue advancing, and you will come across a tag near a cave-in on the right side.

Eighth Tag Location

If you decided to take the identification tag from the dying man, the game will automatically take you back to the Foreman. However, if you chose not to take the tag, you will need to continue along the path to locate the eighth body and retrieve the tag from it.

Day 2: Report To The Mine Orc And Detonate Barrels

After collecting all the tags, return to the Mine Orc and conclude the day by going back to the cell and sleeping beside the window. Once you report back to the Mine Orc, a new objective is assigned to Gollum. Follow the Frail Man, and your task is to detonate barrels. It is crucial to escape as quickly as possible to ensure Gollum’s survival.

How to Detonate the First Barrel:

  • When the Frail Man stops at a certain point, pick up the red stone located beside him.
  • Wait for the Frail Man to pull the lever on your left, which will open a tunnel. Crouch and enter that tunnel.
  • Proceed straight and descend from the wall to reach the bottom.
  • There will be a tunnel behind you. Continue descending further using jumps and back jumps.
  • Enter the right-hand tunnel, which leads to the first barrel. Insert the red stone into the barrel.
  • Quickly retreat along the path you came from to avoid the smoke, which can be lethal to Gollum.

How to Detonate the Second Barrel:

  • After escaping from the first tunnel, wait for the Frail Man to pull another lever.
  • Head into the tunnel on your right.
  • Follow the path in the tunnel while avoiding the smoke.
  • At the end of the tunnel, you will find the second barrel. Insert the red stone into it.
  • Immediately run out of the tunnel to ensure Gollum’s safety before it’s too late.

Note: Remember to be cautious of the smoke as it can be fatal to Gollum.

Third barrel location in the lord of the rings gollum chapter two

How To Detonate The Third Barrel?

  • If you successfully escape, follow the Frail Man toward the third and final barrel that needs to be detonated.
  • Proceed straight into the tunnel and run across the wall to reach the other side.
  • You will easily locate the barrel, detonate it, and then make your escape.
  • Report back to the Mine Orc to complete the objective

Find A Way Into Guard Lift, Aka “The Rattler”

After detonating the barrels, return to your cell and report to the Beastmaster. Once you’ve done that, follow the Frail Man to the sewers.

Jump straight and let Gollum fall into the sewer. Swim straight ahead and continue moving in that direction until you reach the end of the path. At the ground level, you will see “The Rattler,” which is your destination. Pay attention to the cutscene that shows the path you need to follow to find a way into the guard lift, also known as “the Rattler.”

From your starting point, go left and run along the path while avoiding the numerous Borocs that are present. When you reach the end of the path, there will be a high ground. Climb up twice to reach it. Enter the sewer tunnel and continue climbing up using jumps and back jumps until you enter a tunnel.

Find a way aka the rattler in The lord of the rings gollum chapter two

At the end of the tunnel, there will be a cutscene that shows you the path to follow in order to reach The Rattler. Pay close attention to the instructions provided in the cutscene.

From your left, climb down the wall and reach the ground. Be cautious as there are Orcs in the area. Stay in dark areas to remain hidden and avoid bright light.

Find a way aka the rattler in The lord of the rings gollum chapter two

Note: Avoid bright light!

At the end of the tunnel, there will be a cutscene that shows you the path to follow in order to reach The Rattler. Pay close attention to the instructions provided in the cutscene.

From your left, climb down the wall and reach the ground. Be cautious as there are Orcs in the area. Stay in dark areas to remain hidden and avoid bright light.

In the open area where an orc is guarding the gate, turn right and move under the boxes to avoid detection. Stay behind barrels and wait for the orc to pass by. Proceed straight above the box into the next area.

You will encounter another orc guarding a gate. Walk in the shadow to cross the gate without being noticed. Then, follow the path to your left until you reach an open area. From your left, climb up to get a view of the Rattler in the cutscene.

Climb down to the ground where two guards are engaged in a conversation, with one on the right side. Wait for the guard with the light to turn his back, and then climb up while his back is turned away from you. Use the ledge to move to the other side.

Climb down and proceed straight from behind the guard. Utilize the ladder on your left and ascend carefully, avoiding the guards, until you reach the lift. A cutscene will play.

Reach The Architects Building Using Crane

After reaching the rattler, you must jump off a wooden plank to descend to the bottom. Maintain faith and take the leap!

Proceed by climbing up using the ladder positioned behind you on the right. Exercise caution as the area is heavily guarded. Once you reach the area with three guards, enter a small room on the left side of the ladder to deactivate the light.

With the light turned off, you can now move more easily to the other side by remaining in the shadows. Hang from the bridge and traverse this area, ensuring you keep a watchful eye on your stamina while balancing on precarious ledges.

In the subsequent area, throw stones to distract the guards and make your way forward. Repeat this tactic to progress further.

Finding a way to Architects Building

Go from behind the guard in the clockwise direction. Climb from there using several jumps across the hanging bridges. Use walls to reach the other side. Follow the yellow marker and reach the architects building using wood plank and swinging from one to another until you reach here

Finding a way to Architects Building

Note: If you lose track of the path, use Gollum’s heightened senses.

From here, jump towards the left onto a ledge, and then climb up the wall where a cutscene will be triggered. Pay attention to the cutscene as it will reveal the next path you need to take.

Descend from the straight path until you come across a lever. Pulling this lever will set the wooden ledge in motion.

Now, make your way to the architect’s building located to the left of the lever. Enter the building and proceed to steal the plans. To accomplish this, navigate the area by jumping from various hanging wooden planks. Be agile and cautious to avoid detection.

Finding a way to Architects Building

To reach the building, carefully navigate the path by jumping on the hanging roofs. Make your way to the other side, where you’ll come across a rotating gear. Timing is crucial at this point. Jump towards the gear, allowing Gollum to hang from it, and then drop down onto the lower rotating gear. Adjust the camera angle to view the gear below. From there, jump down to a wooden platform and climb straight up the wall with red lines.

Once you’ve reached the top of the wall, execute a backward jump to land on the opposite side. Turn left and leap onto the metal surface, then continue towards the right until you can climb onto the rotating gear. Proceed in the right direction and carefully time your backward jumps to ascend and reach the platform. On your left, you’ll notice a large rotating gear. Pay close attention to its rotation and plan your jump accordingly.

Finding a way to Architects Building

After reaching the second rotating block, perform a backward jump towards the wall. Climb up the wall and then execute another backward jump to reach the final block. From there, jump towards the adjacent platform using the nearby wall for support.

Proceed to the left and climb up the wooden wall to approach the architect’s building where the plans are located. Once you’ve successfully stolen the plans, jump down from the left side and make your way to the other side while hanging off the ledge. Be swift as your stamina may deplete. Jump across to the opposite side, bringing you one step closer to your objective.

Note: There is a louse beside the barrel that you can pick up.

Finding a way to Architects Building

Long jump on this

Perform a long jump from the edge above and descend into an enclosed area. On your left, leap onto the bar. Once on the bar, switch your grip to the opposite side so that you can ascend back up to the platform you came from. Utilize the wall on your left to navigate and reach a window. Exercise caution and carefully observe before jumping into the window, as there is a guard present and you risk being caught.

When the guards have turned away, enter through the first window and swiftly ascend using the ladder and the walls on your left. You will eventually reach a room occupied by two guards. Take cover under the table and distract one of the guards by throwing a stone.

Finding a way to Architects Building

Once the guard is distracted, move towards the left where he was standing and drop down. Ascend using the platforms, employing several jumps to accomplish Gollum’s objective in Chapter 2 of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, titled “The Maggot.” Upon scaling these platforms, you will eventually arrive at the Architects’ building.

In this new objective, your task is to steal the plans from the Architects’ building. Carefully examine the room, utilizing Gollum’s heightened senses. Multiple maps can be found, but your main focus is to locate the plan of the tower, which is positioned right beside the entrance where the guard is standing.

Architechts Building in the lord of the rings gollum chapter two

Once Gollum has a look at the map, report back to the mine orc. Leave the room from behind the guard carefully. Go left to the room exit and hop onto the caged lift to report back before they sense Gollum is missing.

Towards the ending of Chapter two The lord of the rings gollum

Gollum has found the plans of the tower. But Orcs has caught him and is again asked to collect more tags.

Location of Tags in The Lord Of The Rings Chapter

Shortly after the cutscene, Gollum must locate three tags from the bodies to sustain himself. The first tag can be found to the left of a worker. After obtaining the first tag, turn around and continue straight along the path. At the end of the path, climb up, which will lead you to an area where guards are patrolling. Descend towards the right side of the area to acquire the second tag. To find the third tag, backtrack to the left and it will be located shortly after descending through the ladder.

Help The Frail Man: The Lord Of The Rings Chapter Two

Shortly after the cut scene, Frail man decides to escape from the pits and asks you to light up the barrel using red stone. Crouch out of the small tunnel that is at the facing side of the frail man. Climb up the wall and jump back to enter the next small tunnel leading to an open area. that will trigger a cutscene.

Proceed to the left and move across the wall, then climb up. Once you’ve climbed up, jump to the right onto a wooden platform. From there, jump towards a suspended wall and climb up using its support. Continue ascending by utilizing the wall positioned at the back of Gollum. Proceed by climbing down the wall and executing a backward jump. Next, jump to the right from that position, allowing yourself to reach even greater height, until you land in an area where two guards are engaged in conversation. Locate the marked barrel and ignite it.

Find the marked barrel ijn the lord of the rings Gollum chapter two

carefully go right by timing your movement using the shadow behind the boxes. From trunk go straight up the ramp and take left. Drop down to go across the room and reach in the window. From that window climb up the wall and two back jumps to reach the marked barrel. Put red stone in it triggering a cut scene.

locating marked barrel in the lord of the rings Gollum chapter two

Marked Barrel

Following the cutscene, make a swift escape by heading to the left and jumping into the hanging pot. The next morning, the Cruel Women commence their investigation regarding the explosion. To evade execution, you are presented with two choices.

  • Gollum: Blame Frail Man
  • Smeagol: Blame Cruel Orc

Regardless of the path you choose, the objective is to avoid execution. After successfully avoiding execution, exit the cage and return to your cell, thus concluding the day. The following morning, proceed to the mustering yard and conclude Chapter Two of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum by following the individuals who are heading left. Board the gondola to reach the Breeding Pits.

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