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The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum – Chapter One Walkthrough


Chapter One of The Lord Of The Rings is like a game tutorial. This first chapter enables you to learn controls such as climbing, long jump, and running the walls while the chapter progress as well. You will complete different objectives during this chapter One. We have got you all covered in this walkthrough of The Lord Of The Rings Gollum.

Here is a list of objectives in order that you will complete in Chapter One:

Day is near! Go back to your cave (first objective): The Lord of the Rings Gollum

The first objective for Gollum is to reach his cave. Follow the path straight by jumping and climbing on the walls. Keep note that your journey will be upwards.

First Objective: Day is near.Go back to your cave !

First Objective

After the cut scene featuring the dragon, move to your left and begin climbing the wall using the branches for support. Ascend carefully, and you will eventually reach a cave. Inside the cave, you will come across three drawings, each followed by a cut scene.

Note: Be mindful of your stamina while hanging without a foothold, as it can run out, causing you to fall. Move swiftly to avoid running out of stamina.

During your exploration, you may encounter a talking skull and discover a shrine dedicated to spiders. After viewing the last drawing of spiders, proceed to the left and crouch through the small tunnel. This marks the beginning of a new objective!

Controls learned: Jump, Far jump, Climb the wall, Jump sideways, Jump and climb towards the wall, Move down the Ledge

Hunt The Spy! (Second Objective): The Lord of the Rings Gollum

Now the game is becoming more interesting after you crouch out of the tunnel you will see a bird who is spying on you. Follow the bird to hunt him.

Second objecive: Hunt the spy!

Second Objective

Climb up the walls and you will learn to sprint on walls during the chase. You can sprint up on the wall and also sideways by running towards a wall.

Follow the walls adorned with white lines as you continue ascending, keeping a vigilant eye out for any hazards or obstacles. Eventually, you will arrive at a location where two orcs engage in conversation. Conceal yourself within the bushes to avoid detection. Move cautiously to the right, staying within the cover of the foliage, and trail the bird’s flight path.

While progressing, you will come across an orc positioned on a ledge. Maintain your stealth and bypass him by leaping over his head, following the direction indicated by the bird’s movement. Persist in following the bird until a cut scene unfolds, providing further context.

Descend the ledge and continue along the designated path, keeping your focus on the bird’s movements. It is within this vicinity that you will receive Gollum’s new objective. Stay attentive and prepared for what lies ahead.

Controls Learned: Sprint, Sprint Sideways

Catch The Birds! ( Third objective): The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

As Gollum ascends further, a captivating cutscene unfolds, depicting his attempts to capture the elusive birds, yet failing to seize the opportunity. Undeterred, he redirects his focus towards a beetle, engrossed in his pursuit. However, in the midst of this endeavor, Gollum loses his footing and tumbles down, landing amidst a bed of bushes. With this, the third objective for Gollum In The Lord Of The Rings concludes, marking a significant turning point in his journey.

Chapter 1 objective three catch the bird

Third Objective

Follow The Orcs! (Fourth Objective): The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

After the cut scene, Gollum follows these two Orcs by staying hidden in the bushes. Don’t get too close or make any noise to stay alive.

Note: There will appear a bar indicating how close you are to the Orcs keep an eye on it. Dont get too close or too far. Either way, you will die!

Chapter one The Loar Of the Rings  fourth objective

Fourth Objective

Move right from the gates and climb up the wall to reach the other side of the gate without being caught. Wait for the Orcs to pass then jump down to follow them by staying in the bushes.

Follow them till you reach the tunnel of the spider’s web.

Controls Learned: Back Jump

Throttle The First Orc!( Fifth Objective): The Lord of the Rings Gollum

Now the next objective is to throttle the Orc. To do so, wait for the second Orc to go forward across the bridge. Then sneak up from behind to the first Orc and throttle him.

The Lord of the rings chapter one fifth objective

Fifth Objective

Controls Learned: Throttle the Orcs

Find A Stone To Throw (Sixth Objective): The Lord of the Rings Gollum

As Gollum cannot kill the orcs in Chapter one wearing a helmet so for the second one pick up the stone. The stones are on the left side of the wooden bridge.

the lord of the rings gollum sixth objective

Sixth Objective

Throw A Stone At The Lantern! (7th Objective): The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

As mentioned earlier, Gollum cannot kill Orcs so aim the stone at the lantern that will startle him. A cute scene will appear. The Orc will slip from the edge and be taken away by the spider.

the lord of the rings gollum seventh objective

Seventh Objective

After the cut scene Gollum will see the beetle again and you have the choice to either kill the beetle and hide(Gollum) or keep watching(Smeagol). After choosing you have to convince the other.

Controls Learned: Aiming

Find Something To Eat! (Eighth Objective): The Lord of the Rings Gollum

You will be in the cave when the cutscene ends and your new objective is to find something to eat. Pick up mushrooms that are to your right.

the lord of the rings gollum seighth  objective

Eighth Objective

Escape The Nazgûl! (Ninth Objective )

The last objective of this chapter one is to escape Nazgûl. You can use Gollum’s intuition and heightened senses to see where to go in the cave.

the lord of the rings gollum last objective ,escaoe nazgul

Last Objective

Chapter One

Follow the path using Gollum senses but most of the paths will be blocked by Nazgûl. Thus you will get caught by Nazgûl followed by a cut scene where you will with Gandalf.

Complete Video Walkthrough For Chapter One: The Lord Of the Rings Gollum

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