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Probably the most interesting Mythic Tale in Ghost of Tsushima is The Legend of Tadayori. Through this Mythic Tale you can get really unique items. This is a tale you encounter pretty early and when you do come across this one, do not skip it. The Legend of Tadayori gives you an opportunity to get the Tadayori’s Armor. In this walkthrough guide, we will explain how to complete The Legend of Tadayori in Ghost of Tsushima.

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The Legend of Tadayori Mythic Tale Walkthrough

The Tale of Tadayori has multiple objectives that you need to complete before you can free the musician, there is even a boss fight in this Mythic Tale.


Find the Musician

To complete any Mythic Tale the first step is to find the musician which is done through research, listening to rumors from villagers, especially at the Golden Temple. With enough information, the musician will be marked on your map. To find the musician for this particular Mythic Tale, go south of the Rustling Bend, keep going along the river southwest of Izuhara. Track the Golden Birds in the area to find the musician. Speak with the musician and listen to his tale. Once the dialogue ends a new objective will pop-up.

Find the Violet Flowers

The musician will tell you about the Violet flowers aka the Violet Crown. The crown is very easy to find so you won’t have any trouble. The objective area will be marked on your map, around 700m away. Use the Guiding Wind to reach the objective area. There is a hill with a ton of Violet flowers, east of Kii’s Pond. When you reach the flowers your objective will shift from “Search for violet flowers” to “Follow the flowers to the Violet Crown.” Climb the mountain until you reach the top where you will find a container with a painted map inside.

Go to the Location on the Map

Just looking at the painted map won’t help at all. It may seem really hard to find the location from this non-detailed map but it is actually pretty easy to find. When you are facing the shrine where you found the map, turn around and look forward and you’ll find a mountain with many orange trees. You need to reach the mountain so take the horse and start to ride. As you get closer to the area violet flowers will start to appear. Ride into the fog if you haven’t visited the area before, Jin will say he can’t climb the mountain so there must be another way in. Locate a lantern near a cliff and an opening behind it. Jin can use the opening in the rock to access the Tadayori’s Rest.


Access the Tadayori’s Rest

After all that hard work you will finally find yourself inside the Tadayori’s Rest. But you are not fully there yet. After you enter the opening in the rock keep going and follow the path. You’ll find some dead Mongol Warriors ahead. Go past them and look for an opening in the shrine to go through. On the other side you will come across a cemetery. Investigate the headstones and you will find more incense, now turn around and you will be face to face with Kaede.

Kaede Boss Fight

Kaede is a boss that appears during The Legend of Tayadori Mythic Tale. Kaede will attack once you are done examining the headstones in this side quest. She uses a sword and makes it hard to avoid her fast attacks. There is no real way to fight her from a distance so you need to take her on in a melee battle. Do your best to avoid her strikes and keep your guard up. The best way to do some real damage is to wait for her stamina to be low. Once she lets her guard down you will get an opening to attack. Use a series of slashes and back away before she can retaliate. DO NOT get greedy with your attacks.

During the battle, you can switch your armor so choose one that offers more damage, damage reduction, and a boost in HP. Watch for the red swings and parry her strikes. If you fail to take her down a couple of times you will respawn with more resolve which makes it easier to kill her.

Free the Musician


Once you have successfully completed your dual with Kaede, fast travel to Azamo Bay. Take your horse and reach the location marked on the map. Use the Guiding Wind to reach the area and once you are close enough, Violet flowers will begin to appear once again. You will find the Musician in this area and a handful of Mongols. Kill all of the Mongols and talk to the musician who will tell you the location of the Armor of Tadayori.

If you need more help with the game, check out the Ghost of Tsushima Wiki.


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