The Last of Us Part 2 is less than 48 hours from release but many will not be able to play the game on launch day. Multiple reports from Amazon consumers confirm that The Last of Us 2 pre-orders are being delayed. The delay is where between three days to a week. Pre-orders that were made over a year ago still have their delivery dates pending.


The situation is most likely caused by the COVID-19 pandemic which has slowed down deliveries all around the world. Deliveries won’t be on time even with a Prime account even though the company hired over 100,000 additional workers. The problem isn’t limited to Amazon US, similar reports are coming in from Amazon AU and UK.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Amazon’s delivery services since March and it looks like it will take more time to streamline the process in these uncertain times.

Those who pre-ordered The Last of Us 2 digitally can download a copy from PlayStation Store. Many buyers of the physical version, especially the ones who purchased it from Amazon, will have to wait a few extra days to play Naughty’s Dog critically acclaimed title.


The Last of Us Part 2 is releasing on June 19 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. If you have ordered a copy from Amazon keep an eye on your email and do check if your delivery date is still pending like many others who are waiting in line.


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