There are 3 types of weapons in The Last of Us 2 i.e. melee weapons, firearms, and bows. All of these are highly situational and you must gauge which weapon you should use in a particular situation. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about all the weapons locations in The Last of Us 2.


The Last of Us 2 Weapons Locations

There are a total of 12 weapons in TLoU2. You’ll automatically find a lot of these weapons as you progress through the game. A few, however, will need to be found. Similar to Training Manuals in TLoU2, you can find missable weapons in multiple locations.

Before we start, do note that our guide doesn’t include the locations of melee weapons such as knives, axes, machetes, bats, etc. since those can be found rather easily. With that said, the following are the locations of all the weapons in TLoU2:

Bow In Chapter 16: Hillcrest, you’ll be attacked by an infected with a bow on its back. After defeating the enemy, loot the corpse to obtain the weapon. You’ll also see a lot of target practice station immediately after it.
Revolver You’ll automatically unlock it during Chapter 7: Packing Up.
Crossbow This weapon is automatically acquired during Chapter 31: The Coast.
Military Pistol You need to proceed to Chapter 24: The Stadium in order to automatically acquire the weapon.
Flamethrower During Chapter 34: The Descent, you’ll have to pick up a Flamethrower.
Hunting Pistol In Chapter 25: On Foot, after you get to the boat hanging from the ceiling, rejoin with Manny and enter the building “MS Corporation Soft Drink Distribution Center” to find a safe inside. You need to use the code 17-38-07 to open the safe to locate the Hunting Pistol inside.
Pump Shotgun You need to head inside the Westlake Bank during Chapter 9: Downtown and find a safe at the very back. Open the safe using 60-23-06 safe combination and find the Pump Shotgun inside.
Semi-Auto Rifle This is automatically acquired during Chapter 24: The Stadium.
Bolt-Action Rifle It’s found during Chapter 4: Patrol.
Semi-Auto Pistol Unlocked by default.
Double Barrel Shotgun To find the Double Barrel Shotgun, start Chapter 28: Hostile Territory and proceed until you’re in Chinatown. Continue along the lines of shops and enter the last one on the left side. After eliminating enemies in it, head to the terrace onto the hole on the floor. After you arrive in another shop, check the back of the counter to find it.
Silenced Submachine Gun It’s automatically acquired in Chapter 44: The Resort.

These are all the weapons locations in The Last of Us 2. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed The Last of Us 2 wiki guides.