Training Manuals in The Last of Us 2 are needed to unlock new Skill Trees and come in handy in a lot of situations. In total, there are 10 Skill Trees but 2 out of those are unlocked automatically. To unlock the other 8, you’ll need to find Training Manuals. Remember that none of the Skill Trees has any Active Skills – they all provide passive bonuses.


The Last of Us 2 Training Manuals

There are more than 8 Training Manuals in TLoU2, therefore, even if you miss a couple of them, you’ll still have a chance to get your hands on all 8 of them. Once you’ve unlocked a Skill Tree with the help of a Training Manual, you’ll need Supplements to unlock the skills inside it.

We’ve yet to confirm it but it doesn’t seem possible to unlock all the skills in The Last of Us 2 in a single playthrough. If you’ve any information on it, feel free to let us know! With that said, the following are the locations of all the Training Manuals in TLoU2:


During Chapter 9: Downtown, you need to get on top of the firetruck on the bridge. Once there, you need to throw the hose down to the section with an overturned vehicle. You need to climb down the hose to the new section and find the Training Manual related to Crafting there.


During Chapter 11: Capitol Hill, you need to head past the motel and enter a bookstore on the left side (on the opposite end of the gas station) to find it inside.


You need to enter the Goldstar Liquor store during Chapter 16: Hillcrest and proceed to the basement to find the Training Manual inside. You’ll get attacked there so be careful!


To find the Training Manual, you need to make your way toward the tall residential building during Chapter 18: Seraphites. You need to climb the truck to go through the window and inside the first room on the left side. Once inside, inspect the Workbench to get attacked by a group of enemies. After dispatching these enemies, head inside the room from where they were hiding to find the Training Manual.

Covert Ops

To find the Training Manual, you need to search the hanging boat during Chapter 25: On Foot.

Close Quarters

During Chapter 28: Hostile Territory, you need to head inside the broken window right next to “Tang Fabrics & Imports” to find the Training Manual inside.


In order to obtain the Training Manual for it, you need to head inside La Rosa’s Auto Shop after the fight with the woman during Chapter 30: The Forest. Once inside the shop, check the side office to find it.


During Chapter 31: The Coast, you’ll be exploring the ferry. If you go toward the helm, you should find a safe (90-77-01) with a Training Manual inside.

As mentioned earlier, there are more Training Manuals in TLoU2 if you somehow missed any of these mentioned above.

These were the locations of all the Training Manuals in The Last of Us 2. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed The Last of Us 2 wiki guides.