There are a total of 5 collectibles in Chapter 44: The Resort in The Last of Us 2. These include 2 Artifacts, a Trading Card, a Journal Entry, and a Workbench. You must collect all of them if you wish to Platinum the game and attain 100% completion status. In this guide, we will walk you through all the collectibles locations in Chapter 44: The Resort in The Last of Us 2.


The Last of Us 2 The Resort Collectibles Locations

Before we start, please do note that we’ve got separate guides for the following collectibles since it made the most sense:

To make it more convenient, we’ll also make sure to link them in the guide where needed. With that said, the following are the locations of all the collectibles in Chapter 44: The Resort in The Last of Us 2.

Journal Entry #1

At the very start of the chapter, you’ll have to fight some Rattlers. Once you’re done, follow the main street to come across a van with a “Rattlers” logo on it. Simply inspect the logo to add it to your collectibles.

Artifact #1 – Santa Barbara Slave Note

After you see a prisoner being ushered from the train, drop down and stick to the left side to come to a building. You should be able to follow a blood trail to a dead body with the collectible right next to it.

Trading Card #1 – Sparkthug

Feel free to check out our Trading Cards Locations guide to learn more about them.

Workbench #1

The final Workbench in TLoU2 is inside a wooden shack that you can access after squeezing below a train car. Try to deal with Slave Hunters before reaching the Workbench.

Artifact #2 – Rattler’s Letter Home

As you progress through the chapter, you’ll have to head up a spiral staircase inside the resort. After you head up the staircase, head right to find the collectible next to a mattress.

These are all the collectibles you can find in The Last of Us 2 The Resort. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed The Last of Us 2 Part 2 wiki guides.