The Last of Us 2 Safes Locations, Safe Codes, and Locker Codes Guide

The Last of Us 2 Safes Locations, Safe Codes, and Locker Codes Guide

There are a lot of questions regarding safes in The Last of Us 2. The safes in TLoU2 contain items like Collectibles, Upgrades, Ammo, Healing Kits, and more. In order to open these safes, you’ll need to know about safe codes and combinations. To do so, try to look for Text Documents located nearby or check walls/boards to find them written somewhere. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the locations of all the safes in The Last of Us 2, safe codes to open them all, and the loot they contain.

The Last of Us 2 Safes Locations and Safe Codes

In total, there are 14 safes that you can open in the game. Opening them all should unlock the “Safecracker” trophy. Aside from these safes, there’s also a locker code and a couple of gate codes. The following table has all the details you need about finding all the safes in TLoU2, their safe codes, and contents inside:

Chapter 4: Patrol – Jackson 07-20-13 The safe is inside the room Ellie and Dina come to after wearing the masks. Inside, you’ll find some Scrap Metal and Supplements.
Chapter 9: Downtown – Seattle Day 1 60-23-06 The safe is inside the Westlake Bank, on the very backside. You’ll be attacked inside so be careful. There should be an Antique Ring and a Pump Shotgun inside the safe.
Chapter 9: Downtown – Seattle Day 1 04-51 To find the safe, you need to go to the Gate West 2 on the western end of the map. You should reach it after going through a narrow passage. Inside the safe are some Supplements, a Health Kit, Shotgun ammo, Scrap Metal, and a collectible.
Chapter 9: Downtown – Seattle Day 1 86-07-22 This one is on the lower floor of the United States Court House. Use the code to open the safe and find some Scrap Metal, Crafting Materials, and Supplements inside.
Chapter 11: Capitol Hill – Seattle Day 1 55-01-33 Past the minefield should be a store with a blue board and 2 rusty cars. You need to go inside to find the safe that contains some ammo, a Health Kit, and some materials.
Chapter 16: Hillcrest – Seattle Day 2 30-82-65 Before taking the stairs to the next area, head inside the Auto Repair shop on the backside of other shops and open the safe to get some Scrap Metal, ammo, and an extra weapon holster.
Chapter 18: Seraphites – Seattle Day 2 08-10-83 You need to find a white truck parked outside a residential building and climb on top of it to get inside an apartment containing the safe. Inside the safe you’ll find some ammo and Supplements.
Chapter 18: Seraphites – Seattle Day 2 38-55-23 After you drop down the ladder into the water, head inside the Weston’s Pharmacy to find it under the cash counter. There should be some ammo, Supplements, Crafting Materials, and an Explosive Arrow in it.
Chapter 21: The Flooded City – Seattle Day 3 70-12-64 After you take the boat to the closed gate, open the safe before opening the gate. Inside, you’ll find Supplements, Scrap Metal, and ammo.
Chapter 25: On Foot – Seattle Day 1 17-38-07 After you join with Manny, proceed toward the barracks and smash the window to find the safe inside. You’ll find the Hunting Pistol and some ammo in it.
Chapter 28: Hostile Territory – Seattle Day 1 68-96-89 You need to head inside the Jasmine Bakery on the left side of the street with a lot of shops. The safe contains some Supplements, ammo, and a bar.
Chapter 31: The Coast – Seattle Day 1 90-77-01 You’ll find the safe inside the ferry that Abby will start exploring sometime during the mission. It contains the Ordnance Training Manual, Scrap Metal, and Supplements.
Chapter 33: The Shortcut – Seattle Day 2 30-23-04 After you jump onto the damaged balcony and head inside an apartment, you’ll find the safe near a dual-monitor setup. The safe contains Scrap Metal, Crafting Materials, and ammo.
Chapter 34: The Descent – Seattle Day 2 12-18-79 After the mission starts, check the rooms on the same floor to find the safe. Its contents include some Supplements and Crafting Materials.

As mentioned earlier, in addition to 14 safes, there’s also a locker and 2 gates that you can open. The following are their codes:

  1. Electric Quarantine Zone Gate in Chapter 8: The Gate can be opened using 0512
  2. Fuck Fedra Gate in Chapter 9: Downtown requires 5345
  3. Locker in Chapter 13: The Tunnels requires 15243

These are all the safes locations and their codes in The Last of Us 2. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed The Last of Us 2 wiki guides.

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