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The Last Epoch Essential Tips And Tricks (1.0 Beginner’s Guide)


The Last Epoch is an ARPG that has been in early access for a while but releases on February 21st, 2024. The full version of the game is where many new players will come in. If you do not know where to start and how to play the game then you need not worry. In this Last Epoch beginner’s guide, I go over some essential tips and tricks that should help you progress much faster.

The Last Epoch Tips And Tricks For Beginners

The following are some useful tips and tricks that you should keep in mind for The Last Epoch.

Pick The Class You Like

One of the first things that you will do when you start The Last Epoch is select your class. At the time of writing, there are five main classes in the game and each class has three masteries or subclasses that they can specialize in.

Last Epoch Tips

Your class is one of the few things that you cannot change in The Last Epoch but each one has different playstyles and build, so you are free to pick and choose. All of the classes are viable and there is no wrong choice here.

Since The Last Epoch has been in early access for a while now, there is a lot of content online covering builds and how to deal the most damage. If the full launch of the game is your first time trying it out then I would recommend going in blind, picking the class that you like, and building your character as you like. Build guides on how to do the most damage are always going to be available if you need them.

Skill Trees Can Be Respeced Easily

As you progress through the game you will earn points that you can spend in your passive skill trees and mastery skill trees. You can freely add points to the skills that you think will help you progress since you can easily respec them at the respec NPCs. Look for the purple head symbol in towns to find them.

You Cannot Respec Mastery

Once you are around level 25, you will unlock Mastery or your subclass. There are three options to choose from for each class. The Mastery that you choose cannot be changed so you should pick carefully.

While a Mastery cannot be changed, each one does have viable playstyles that you can use. Furthermore, you can also spend points on skills that are outside of your Mastery and we encourage players to explore this option.

Do Not Be Overwhelmed By Your Skill Skill Trees

Skills in The Last Epoch have their own skill trees and they can seem rather daunting at first sight. Do not worry though since these do have patterns. For example, moving to the left can give you a utility bonus such as movement speed while moving to the right could give you a damage bonus or a higher critical chance. Once you notice those patterns, the skill trees become less overwhelming.

You can gain access to the skill tree by specializing in a skill. Specializing in a main damage-dealing skill first is recommended. Once you have specialized in a skill that skill will start gaining levels and you will be able to spend points in the skill tree of the skill you have specialized in.

You are free to move points around and also respec to specialize in other skills instead. So feel free to move pounds around and try different skills.

How To Deal More Damage

The kind of damage you deal and how it scales is going to depend on the kind of build that you have. With that said, the following are a couple of stats that you should look for to increase your damage output to hit hard:

  • Flat damage (+20 melee damage)
  • % increased damage (20% increased fire damage)
  • % more damage (+20% damage)
  • Cast speed or attack speed
  • Critical strike chance and critical strike multiplier
  • + levels to kills available on gear
  • Debuffs to enemies (armor shred and penetration)

Damage over time works a bit differently in The Last Epoch. If you want to increase your damage over time then you should look for:

  • % chance to apply ailment
  • More hits
  • Cast or attack speed
  • Multi hitting skills
  • Increased damage of the ailment type (100% increased fire damage)
  • Ailment duration (longer duration means more damage)
  • Lowering enemy resistance to ailment

Note that armor does not work for damage over time builds. So if you are trying to deal damage over time then lowering enemy armor is not going to be helpful.

How To Stay Alive (Survive)

Doing damage is not the only thing that you need to account for. You also need to stay alive. Each class has at least one defensive skill which will help you do just that. Other than that, here are stats that will help you survive:

  • Flat health
  • % increased health
  • Increase resistances
  • Increase armor (100% effective against physical hits, 70% effective against non-physical hits)
  • Critical strike avoidance
  • Endurance (reduction to damage taken)
  • Block
  • Dodge
  • Ward (extra protective layer that decays over time)

How The Gear Works

Just like other ARPGs, The Last Epoch has different kinds of gear that you can get:

  • Normal (White): Basic white gear.
  • Magic (Blue): Can have one or two random affixes.
  • Rare (Yellow): Three to four random affixes.
  • Unique (Orange): Prebuilt and have unique effects.
  • Set Items (Green): Similar to Uniques but with bonuses for equipping several items from the same set.
  • Exalted (Purple): One or more exalted affixes (boosted beyond the regular limit).
  • Legendary (Red): Specifically improved and crafted. A combination of a Unique item and an Exalted item.
The Last Epoch Exalted Gear

How To Get Guaranteed Unique Items Early

Fairly early on in the game, in the Council Chambers, you will be given a quest to get Ezra’s Ledger. This is a simple and quick quest that allows you to get one of two Unique items. If you choose to give the ledger to Artem, the gambler then you will get the Gambler’s Fallacy Unique Amulet. It has the following stats:

  • +13 Health
  • +100% critical strike chance if you have not dealt a critical strike recently.
  • 50% less critical strike chance if you have dealt a critical strike recently.
  • 11 Health gain on crit

If you give the ledger to Ezra then you will get the Avarice Unique Gloves which have the following stats:

  • +10 Armor
  • +10 Mana
  • 3% of elemental damage leeched as health
  • 37% Increased leech rate
  • +13% elemental resistance

Both of these Uniques are great for leveling but be sure to pick the one that works for your build.

Quick Inventory Management Tools

Since you get a lot of loot in the game, inventory management is important. In your inventory, you can use the transfer crafting items button to quickly move crafting resources from your inventory to the crafting UI.

The Last Epoch Inventory Management

You can also use the sort items button to quickly sort the items in your inventory and declutter them. These quality-of-life features allow you to clean up your inventory and make some space quickly.

You Get Infinite Stash Space

The Last Epoch features infinite stash space. So if you want to hold on to items then you can. You can purchase stash slots for in-game currency which does scale but gold is easy to get and you do not need to spend any real money.

The game also allows players to create categories in the stash and have multiple stash tabs under each category. So you can systematically store the items that you think could be helpful down the line.

Use The Powerful Loot Filter

As you progress the game you will get a lot of loot but not everything will be worth picking up. One of the best Last Epoch tips anyone can give you is to make use of the powerful loot filter that the game has. What you want to do is hide the loot that is not useful to you and highlight the loot that is.

Since crafting is an essential part of the game, the loot filter can be very helpful, allowing you to save time and target the loot that you need. As you progress through the game you can configure the loot filter to target specific gear that you want to find.

Note that the filter rules on the top will always take priority and will override the rules below it. So make sure that your shows are above your hides.

Crafting For Beginners

While most ARPGs have crafting as an afterthought, The Last Epoch lets you craft gear almost from the start. This is one of the major mechanics of the game and will come in handy to improve your gear as you progress. You should improve your gear every 10 levels or so since at these intervals you should have better gear that you would want to switch to and then improve at the forge.

My tip for crafting in The Last Epoch would be to buy all the Runes of Shattering that you can afford from vendors. These will allow you to break down gear and gain affix shards from them which you will then use for crafting. You should also pick up the affix shards that drop randomly when you defeat enemies.

When leveling up, you should improve the following stats on your gear:

  • Life or Vitality
  • Resistances
  • Movement Speed
  • Damage Scaling

Furthermore, Runes of Discovery can add random affixes to your gear. These are fairly common to find so you should use them.

You Can Reference The In-Game Guide

The last of our Last Epoch tips is that you press G on PC to check out the in-game guide. This includes a range of topics that you might be interested in learning about. If you need information or are stuck somewhere then you can refer to the in-game guide to learn more.

These are some tips and tricks that will help you progress faster in The Last Epoch. Remember that if this is your first playthrough then you should not rely on build guides and I recommend jumping in blind. Have fun! For all things tech and gaming, stay tuned to RespawnFirst.

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