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The Finals: How To Swap To Secondary Weapons

In The Finals, a tactical shooter game, players are unable to traditionally swap to secondary weapons during gameplay. However, there is a feature known as the Reserve Loadout which allows for a form of weapon swapping under specific conditions.

“The Finals” presents unique gameplay mechanics that differ from traditional shooters. Understanding how to manage your weapons, including the use of the Reserve Loadout, is crucial for strategic gameplay.

How The Weapon System Works In The Finals

In “The Finals,” the primary weapon you equip in your main loadout is what you use throughout the game. The weapon choices are class-dependent:

  • Light class gets the M11.
  • Medium class is equipped with the AKM.
  • Heavy class uses the M60​​.

The Reserve Loadout allows for a sort of ‘weapon swap’, but it’s not a direct swap like in many other shooter games. It’s primarily used in tournament mode to adapt to different maps or game situations​​.

How To Use the Reserve Loadout To Spawn Weapons

From the main menu, select ‘Contestants’ and choose and edit one of the multiple loadouts available. You can select Specialization, Weapon, Gadgets, or Reserve items to customize your loadout​​. The Reserve Loadout can only be activated after you are killed and are waiting to respawn.

While spectating, you will see a prompt to change your loadout (Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or J on PC). By pressing this button, you can access your loadout screen and select your Reserve Loadout​​​​​​.

  • Strategic Planning: Since you can’t swap weapons on the fly, it’s crucial to select your initial loadout based on your planned playstyle and the map.
  • Reserve Loadout Uses: Consider the Reserve Loadout for specific scenarios like night maps or when a change in strategy is required mid-game.
  • Adaptability: Being able to adapt your loadout after death allows for a dynamic approach to each match, accommodating different strategies as the game progresses.

Experiment with different loadouts in various matches to find what works best for different maps and situations. Keep an eye on the Reserve Loadout during tournament play, as adapting to map changes can be crucial for success.

The Finals has some issues that pop every now and then but if you’re experiencing issues with Video Memory and Unreal Process we have fixes for both of these problems.

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