In The Division 2, obtaining the highly sought-after “Kingbreaker” AR will be a mix of luck and dedicated farming. This guide will provide tips and tricks to increase your chances of unlocking this powerful weapon. Whether you prefer to wait for it to be added during the season or if you want to start your search now, we will take you through the various methods available to help you secure the Kingbreaker for your inventory in The Division 2.

From seasonal tracks to targeted loot in specific zones to project rewards and global events, we will outline all the best ways for farming Kingbreaker Named AR in The Division 2.

How to Farm Kingbreaker Named AR

  • Open Hidden Alliance and Named Item Caches
  • Complete Targeted Loot Missions
  • Start Weekly SHD Projects

First things first, go to the seasons section in the menu and scroll all the way to level 80, where you will see the Kingbreaker AR. This section is where you keep track of your progress in the journey to getting Kingbreaker. The simplest way of getting it is by playing the season and completing various seasonal activities. However, you will have to wait a long time before reaching level 80.

But as you progress in the season, you can start opening Hidden Alliance Cache and Named Item Caches. Both of these have a great chance of dropping the Kingbreaker AR. You can sometimes get multiple Kingbreakers from Hidden Alliance and Named Caches.

Most players only focus on reaching level 80 to get the assault rifle and ignore caches. That is not the right way to go about farming for Kingbreaker AR. Whether you get Named Item and Hidden Alliance Caches from missions, raids, or season rewards, open them immediately for a chance to get Kingbreaker. Opening caches is the best way to get the AR without reaching level 80.

Complete Targeted Loot Missions

Targeted Loot Symbol for AR
Targeted Loot Symbol for AR

Open the world map and look for AR symbols, as shown in the image above. These symbols mean that this particular mission/activity has a higher chance of dropping assault rifles. Since we are looking for Kingbreaker Named Assault Rifle, farming AR-targeted loot missions is one of the best ways to get your hands on this item quickly.

Countdown mission at the Pentco Fairview Power Plant is your best place to farm for Kingbreaker AR in The Division 2. Press down on the D-Pad to open the targeted loot menu on the world map. From there, you can select AR as your primary target loot and see what missions offer it. The Summit, Countdown, and DCD HQ usually are the best spots for Kingbreaker farming.

Targeted Loot Menu
Targeted Loot Menu

Start Weekly SHD Projects

Projects are also a great way to farm Kingbreaker in The Division 2, especially the Weekly SHD projects and Weekly Summit Projects. Basically, complete any projects that as Named Item Cache under its reward section.

This is all we have got on how to unlock the Kingbreaker Named AR in The Division 2. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed The Division 2 wiki page.

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