In The Division 2 season 11, having a powerful and versatile build can make all the difference when it comes to taking on challenging missions. That’s why we have created a new pistol build that promises to break the game by allowing players to one-shot absolutely anything in PvE.

By utilizing the new Prophet Pistol and a combination of talents and gear, this build can dish out over 10.6 million damage per shot to the body of any NPC in the game.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a new Season 11 pistol build and see how you can use it to easily blitz through any PvE content, whether you’re playing solo or with a group.

Best Pistol Build in Season 11

The first thing you need to do is choose the specialization that works for you. It doesn’t matter which specialization you go for as long as you put on Pistol Damage. If you want an extra skill tier you can go with the technician specialization but it’s completely up to you.


Since we are focusing mainly on Pistol damage, it doesn’t matter what primary and secondary weapons you’re using. However, you can’t create this build without the Prophet Pistol. You can farm the Prophet Pistol at Control Points and Named Enemies. It isn’t exotic so the drop rate is higher compared to other pistols like Busy Little Bea and Liberty.

But what you need to do is make sure to roll Perfect Determined on the pistol. With the Perfect Deetermined, you will get a guaranteed crit headshot after killing an enemy with a headshot.

Best Gear

Red is the name of the game for this build. We will be focusing on all red talents and attributes; no love for Blue and Yellow.

Perfect Headhunter Chest Piece Talent

Chest: Chainkiller (Walker, Harris & Co.) With Perfect Headhunter Talent. Also, roll higher crit hit damage to boost its effectiveness.

Punch Drunk Mask

Mask: D&H Punch Drunk with Proficient Expertise.

Grupo Sombra Knee Pads

Knee Pads: Sundown Knee Guards (Grupo Sombra) with a high weapon, crit, and headshot damage.

Providence Defense Holster

Holster: Modular Holster Providence Defense holster with high crit and headshot damage.

Backpack with Vigilance


As an alternative, you can use the new NinjaBike bag with this pistol build.

Backpack: Horizons Rucksack (Walker, Harris, & Co.) with Vigilance Talent rolled out.

Contractor’s Gloves

Gloves: Contractor’s Gloves (Petrov Defense) with perfect Damage to Armor roll.

This build is mainly a body shot build, so aim for the body to activate the Perfect Determined talent. Keep this up to stack the Perfect Headhunter talent on the Chain Killer, which will allow you to deal unlimited amounts of damage to NPCs. Use the shield to push in close to enemies and take them out with a single shot.

Test the build in the range and adjust it based on your preferences and the content you are playing. You may need to add a few blue pieces, but you can adjust them based on your needs. Crit damage mods are better than critical hit damage mods, so use them if possible.

Focus on all reds and try to stack headshot damage, crit damage, and damage to armor. Use the Contractor’s gloves and two Walker Harris pieces to get extra damage to armor. Use Providence pieces to get extra headshot and crit damage. The D&H Punch Drunk mask can give you an additional 20% headshot damage.

Use the Prophet Pistol, which has a talent called Perfect Determined. This talent guarantees a critical hit after killing an enemy with a headshot. This will allow you to stack the Perfect Headhunter talent on the Chain Killer. You can add critical hit damage mods for extra damage.

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