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The Division 2 Savage Wolverine Assault Rifle Guide


The latest TU for the Division 2 has added a named variant of the high-end Assault Rifle, Honey Badger. Called the Savage Wolverine, the high-end Assault Rifle absolutely shreds at close-range and is currently one of the best Assault Rifles in Division 2. Unlocking the Savage Wolverine requires the players to complete multiple steps, which are detailed in the guide.

The Division 2 Savage Wolverine Unlock

Savage Wolverine in the Division 2 rolls with a unique Talent called Perfectly Close & Personal, which lets the players deal +50% damage for 10 seconds after killing a target within 10 meters. The buff refreshes after each kill, making it one of the best ARs alongside Eagle Bearer and Chameleon.

As for unlocking the gun, it can’t drop anywhere in the world. The only way of unlocking Savage Wolverine is by completing the 4th stage of Firewall Field Research. The following are all the objectives that the players need to complete to get through all stages of the Field Research:

Stage 1 Objectives

  1. Prelude: Set 10 enemies on fire
  2. The Competition: Kill 10 Scorchers (Roosevelt Island has many of them at the start)
  3. Up Close & Personal: Kill 20 enemies within 7 meters radius

Stage 2 Objectives

  1. Wild About it: Kill “The Wildfire” boss in non-invaded Roosevelt Island after detroying her fuel tank on Normal or higher
  2. Name and Shame: Kill 3 named enemies inflicted by your status effect
  3. Inhumane: Apply 2 status effects on a single enemy and kill them (3 times)
  4. No Smoking: Complete the non-invaded version of the Manning National Zoo on Normal or higher

Stage 3 Objectives

  1. Bloodied Bloodhound: Apply bleed effect on “The Bloodhound” boss in the Federal Emergency Bunker and kill him on Normal or higher
  2. Cruel and Unusual: Eliminate elite enemies (yellow bar) while they’re under a status effect
  3. Sick Burn: Kill enemies while your character is under burn status effect
  4. Pistolero: Eliminate named enemies with a sidearm
  5. Orbital Burn: Complete the Space Administration HQ against True Sons on Normal or higher

Stage 4 Objectives

  1. The Bigger Man: Kill “The Corpulent” boss in the Potomac Event Center after destroying the boss’ ammo pack on Normal or higher
  2. Sword and Shield: Use the Ballistic Shield to kill enemies with melee attacks
  3. That’s Just Mean: Use the “Salute” emote on an enemy while they’re burning and then kill (use high-level enemies for this one)
  4. Skill Thrill: Use skills to eliminate enemies
  5. Fire Down Below: Complete the DARPA Research Labs mission on Hard or higher difficulty

Once the players are done with these objectives, they’ll receive the Savage Wolverine blueprint. They’ll then need to head over to the Base of Operations and craft the weapon on the Crafting Bench near the Shooting Range. This is all we’ve got in our Division 2 Savage Wolverine Assault Rifle guide. For more help on the game, check out our The Division 2 Wiki guides.

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