The Division 2 Operation Iron Horse update brings two new exotics to the mix. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about the newly released exotic weapons.


The Division 2 Operation Iron Horse Exotics

Ubisoft brings two new raid exclusive exotics, The Regulus and The Ravenous. Both are extremely powerful exotic weapons so the grind will be worth it.

The Regulus Exotic Revolver

The Regulus is an exotic revolver tied to the new Operation Iron Horse Raid in The Division 2. Getting headshot kills with The Regulus creates a 5m explosion, dealing 400% weapon damage and applying the bleed effect to all enemies hit. This revolver has high accuracy and base damage.

Crafting Project: The Regulus is a raid exclusive Exotic, tied to a crafting quest that guarantees a yield.


The Ravenous Exotic Rifle

The Ravenous exotic rifle is exclusive to Operation Iron Horse Raid in The Division 2. Hit from one shoulder will detonate all of the opposite shoulder primers. When fired from the right shoulder, hits add offensive primers, and defensive primers when fired from the left shoulder. When detonated or affected enemy is killed, each offensive primer deals 100% weapon damage, while each defensive primer grants +4% bonus armor and +10% amplified damage to armor plates for 5s. Primer effectiveness is doubled at 10 stacks.

These are the two exotic weapons you get from the new Iron Horse Raid. If you need more help with the game check out The Division 2 Wiki.


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