Hollywood is the newest Global Event happening right now in The Division 2. Similar to earlier GEs, you can toggle it from ‘Season’ menu. With the new event comes new challenges to complete and new rewards to earn. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how Hollywood Global Event works in The Division 2, its challenges, and rewards.

The Division 2 Hollywood Global Event

During the GE, every enemy in the game will get a yellow hue all over it. What this yellow hue (shield) does is to make enemies immune to all weapon damage. In order to destroy the shield, you’ll need to use explosives, Signature Weapons, and EMP blasts.

Once the shield is destroyed, you’ll be able to deal damage from any means. When killed, these shielded enemies will also drop ammo for your Specialized Weapons as well as grenades – essentially, letting you go on a killing spree. Similar to earlier GEs, there are plenty of daily challenges that you can complete while the event is active to earn a variety of rewards. These challenges are:

Day 1 Challenge

  • Kill Rikers
  • Melee shielded enemies
  • Damage enemies with your explosive skills
  • Damage enemies with EMP blasts or grenades
  • Damage enemies with your Specialization Weapons
  • Complete any mission on ‘Hard’ or above difficulty setting

Coming to rewards, there are a total of 10 rewards that you can earn from Hollywood GE including a Backpack Trophy, Named Item Cache, Exotic Cache, and more:

  1. Blockbuster Arm Patch
  2. Crafting Gear Cache
  3. Crafting Weapons Cache
  4. Season Cache
  5. Crafting Brand Cache
  6. Named Item Cache
  7. Season Cache
  8. Recalibration Cache
  9. Exotic Cache
  10. Awesome Shades Backpack Trophy

We’ll continue to add more challenges as they go live. But for now, that’s all we’ve got in The Division 2 Hollywood Global Event guide. For more help on the game, you can check out our The Division 2 wiki guides.

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