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The Division 2 Diamondback Exotic Rifle Guide


Diamondback is the first lever-action exotic rifle in The Division 2. With a gold/black snake wrapped all around it, the Diamondback is a cool looking exotic with some unique talents. We recommend everyone to farm it before the Warlords of New York releases due to the amount of DPS the gun can dish out. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered!

Unlock Diamondback Exotic Rifle in The Division 2

To unlock Diamondback, the players will need to complete all three Kenly College expeditions. These expeditions are Kenly Library, Kenly Metro Station, and Kenly Student Union. The players will find the expeditions at the very top of the world map.

There’s a little catch, however, Expeditions in The Division 2 aren’t always available. For the players who are interested, the Kenly College expeditions are live right now (Feb. 25, 2020) but we aren’t sure about the next time these will come into rotation.

Aside from unlocking Diamondback exotic rifle, the Kenly College expeditions are pretty good missions with a couple of puzzles thrown into the mix. We’d recommend everyone to try them out at least once.

Diamondback Exotic Talents

The exotic rifle comes with 5 rounds magazine and 100 RPM with some unique talents. These are Agonizing Bite, Deep Fangs, and Shedding Skin. The following is a quick overview of these talents:

Agonizing Bite
This talent lets the players mark a random enemy. Shooting the marked enemy will always be a critical hit dealing +20% damage. Hitting the marked enemy or reloading the gun transfers the mark to a new enemy.

Deep Fangs
Hitting 5 marked enemies provides +50% reload speed, +20% damage, and 100% critical hit chance for 10 seconds. The count resets if the player missed a shot.

Shedding Skin
Loading a round provides +20% bonus armor for 3 seconds. If the gun is holstered, it provides +8% bonus armor for 2 seconds when reloading or cycling the current weapon.

Using the Diamondback to its full potential requires the players to have somewhat decent accuracy. Not hitting the marked targets kills the purpose of the gun’s talents entirely. On top of it, enemies marked are always random so the players will probably need to move around a lot, which isn’t a viable option on Heroics and Operation Dark Hours. This is how to unlock Diamondback exotic rifle in The Division 2. For more help on the game, check out our The Division 2 Wiki guides.

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