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The Division 2 Best NinjaBike Bag Build (Max Headshot Damage)


Welcome to our guide on the best Hotshot gear build for The Division 2, focused on maximizing your headshot damage. This build is perfect for players who prefer to engage their enemies from a distance, utilizing powerful Marksman rifles to take out targets with precision and deadly efficiency.

We will break down the gear pieces, talents, and weapons you’ll need to create this devastating build, allowing you to dominate the battlefield like never before. So grab your gear and get ready to become a master of long-range combat with our Division 2 Best Hotshot Gear Build (Max Headshot Damage) guide. So let’s get started!

Best NinjaBike Bag Build


You need to unlock the NinjaBike Messenger Bag before crafting this build.

Weapon: Dread Edict

Dread Edict will be our primary weapon for this build because of its powerful Full Stop talent. With this talent, shooting enemies builds stacks to a cap of 20. Headshots grant 2 stacks. Each stack grants 2% weapons damage and 5% headshot damage. On reload, clear all stacks and gain 5% of your max armor as temp armor for 10 seconds for each stack removed. Headshot kills with Dread Edict restore all bullets in the magazine. This does not count as a reload.

Dread Edict Mods

  • Optic Rail: Judgement’s Glare (+40% Headshot Damage)
  • Magazine Slot: Tuned-tension Spring (+15% Weapon Handling)

Gear Set

Hotshot 3/6 (With NinjaBag Exotic)
Hotshot 3/6 (With NinjaBag Exotic)

Use 3 pieces of Hotshot gear; Mask, Gloves, and Holster. Roll headshot damage on all three Hotshot gear pieces to maximize your headshot damage. Also, put on two pieces of Habsburg Chest.

HG Chest Habsburg Guard
HG Chest Habsburg Guard

When you use the Hotshot gear and NinjaBike, you can activate the Headache talent. This talent helps you with headshots:

  • If you hit an enemy’s head with a weapon called MR for the first time, your next headshot will do 20% more damage.
  • If you hit an enemy’s head with an MR for the second time in a row, you will get 10% more armor. If you already have full armor, you’ll get bonus armor that is up to 50% of your current armor value.
  • If you hit an enemy’s head with an MR for the third time in a row, your weapon’s magazine will be refilled.

After the third consecutive headshot, you’ll get all three bonuses for each consecutive headshot kill. However, if you miss a headshot, the cycle will reset.

Combining Habsburg Guard with the NinjaBike gives you a 15% bonus for Headshot and Marksman Rifle damage. You should use the Headhunter talent to make the most of your Habsburg chest piece. This talent helps you deal even more damage after a headshot kill:

  • Your next weapon hit within 30 seconds after a headshot kill will deal an additional 125% damage based on the damage of the killing blow.
  • The extra damage is capped at 800% of your weapon’s damage. However, if your headshot damage is over 150%, the cap is raised to 1250%.

The final piece of the puzzle is the Dionysus Rounded Padding (Airaldi Holdings) that gives another +15% Marksman Rifle Damage and +15% Headshot Damage.

And that’s our best build for your NinjaBike bag in The Division 2. Try it out and let us know how it went in the comments.

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