The Day Before: Best Class To Start With


There are three primary classes in The Day Before and each sounds more impressive than the other. However, in this post-apocalyptic world we need to choose a class that has the best traits, is resilient, and can survive enemy attacks. Roamer, Pathfinder, and Ghost all are used for different purposes but one class is better than the other and this guide will explain which one it is, and why.

First, let’s have a complete rundown of all character classes and their traits in The Day Before.

Ghost Class

Ghost Class lore and traits.

Lore: A mysterious figure whose life details were hidden even before the apocalypse. Known for a complex and harmonious character that balances toughness, ruthlessness with a deep-seated sense of justice and kindness. Skeptical of authority and laws, the Ghost sees the post-apocalyptic world as a stage to act in accordance with their convictions.

Ghost Traits

  • Resilient: Increased Stamina skill.
  • Tenacious: Enhanced Injury Resistance skill.
  • Trained: Improved Automatic Rifle Reload Speed skill.

Pathfinder Class

pathfinder class lore and traits.

Lore: Led a typical life with a regular job and was known for kindness and fairness. Possesses intelligence and hidden leadership qualities. There’s a dark side that drives a thirst for power, prompting decisive and uncompromising actions, sometimes against personal morals.

Pathfinder Traits

  • Charismatic: Enhanced Trading skill.
  • Resourceful: Improved Healing skill.
  • Cold-blooded: Better Sniper Rifle Reload Speed skill.

Roamer Class

roamer class lore and traits.

Lore: A survivor from a tough life, the Roamer has an impressive, passionate, and quick-tempered character. Not one to hold grudges and previously labeled as a drifter and drunkard, the Roamer aims to use the apocalypse as a catalyst for positive change.

Roamer Traits

  • Enduring: Increased Weight Capacity skill.
  • Perceptive: Enhanced Looting skill.
  • Hardened: Improved Automatic Rifle Recoil Control skill.

Best Class In The Day Before: Why Choose The Ghost Class

The Ghost class is highly recommended to all The Day Before players. Ghost character class is not only resilient and tenacious, which are crucial traits for survival in a post-apocalyptic world, but it also comes with the practical benefit of increased reload speed for automatic rifles. This combination of physical toughness, moral complexity, and practical firearms expertise makes the Ghost class a formidable choice for navigating the challenges of “The Day Before.” Whether facing down other survivors or scavenging in the ruins of civilization, the Ghost’s attributes align perfectly with the need for justice, kindness, and the ability to defend oneself against any threat.

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