The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope has 3 different ending variants that alternate according to the actions and choices you make during the entire storyline. The 3 endings are classified as good, neutral, and bad. All 3 of them revolve around the fate of Mary and how many people from your group survive at the end. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all possible endings in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, one-by-one.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Endings

The main turning point comes when Mary’s on trial for witchcraft. And the choices you’ve made prior to this point will affect the eventual ending. All 3 endings possible in Little Hope are detailed below:

Good Ending

In the case of the good ending, the real culprit, Rev Carver (the priest), is proven to be guilty and Mary is spared. Also, everyone in your group survives. To achieve this ending, you’ll have to make sure that while playing as Daniel, you discover the secret of Priest’s Holy Bible in the Museum of Witchcraft.

Doing so will ensure that you have proof against the Priest which you can use at the trial.

To achieve this ending, during the trial when Abraham interrupts the priest you’ll get three options to choose from: troubled, say nothing, or enraged. If you choose “Enraged”, Abraham will accuse the priest of witchcraft and also that he’s framing Mary to get the heat out of his way.

After that, Abraham doubts if he can convince the people of Little Hope and you’ll again get three options to choose from Insistent, Impatient, and Say nothing. Choose “Insistent” and Abraham will walk down to whisper something in Judge Wyman’s ear. Wyman will then snatch the bible out of Rev’s hand to reveal the satanic symbols. Mary will be then free to go and the real culprit will be caught. This will trigger a good ending.

Neutral Ending

The neutral ending is nearly the same as the good ending. Nearly every choice you make prior to the trial is the same. Only this time, Mary is spared and the Poppet is destroyed. Other than that the only significant difference is a negligible change in some cut-scene dialogues.

To get this ending, you’ll have to choose “Troubled” and then “Hopeful” when the prompts come up at the trial. As a result, Wyman orders the priest to destroy the Poppet. The priest insists that Mary must face the consequences but after Wyman orders him not to challenge his authority and destroy it. Rev throws the doll into the fire. Mary is not condemned and this triggers the neutral ending.

Bad Ending

For the bad ending, everything goes south: Mary is condemned to be burned alive and everyone including Andrew dies in the end.

To trigger this terrifying ending, you’ll have to choose “Troubled” and then “Callous” at the trial. This will make Andrew convince Abraham that Mary must pay for her crimes. Judge Wyman then condemns Mary and orders to burn her alive at that very moment.

The people of Little Hope then take no chances and burn her triggering the worst possible ending to The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope.

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