While it doesn’t have the most impressive in terms of quantity, there are some really useful guns in The Callisto Protocol. These range from melee to full-fledged Assault Rifles. These are mostly acquired in the form of Weapon Schematics that must be brought to a Foundry. In this guide, you’ll find the locations of all the different Weapon Schematics in The Callisto Protocol.

There are quite a handful of guns that you can collect in The Callisto Protocol. Some of these are acquired naturally as you progress through the campaign. As for the remaining ones, you’ll need to find Weapon Schematics for them and then take those to a Foundry in order to purchase it. Furthermore, these guns can also be upgraded to get a bunch of useful modifiers such as alternate firing pattern, etc. You can find all the locations of these Weapons in The Callisto Protocol:

Stun Baton
It is acquired automatically as you progress through Chapter 2: Outbreak.

Hand Cannon
This one is also obtained as a part of natural progression in Chapter 2: Outbreak.

Riot Gun
You need to complete Chapter 5: Lost in order to get this one.

Skunk Gun
After reaching the basement in Chapter 3: Aftermath, you’ll need to find a Gate Fuse right next to a locked door — it should read Workshop 0302. You need to carry this Gate Fuse to the very start of the basement area in order to open the Basement Storage. From there, jump into the vent and drop into the room on the other side. You’ll find the Weapon Schematic for the Skunk Gun in this room.

Tactical Pistol
After falling near the start of Chapter 6: Below, you’ll need to progress through an infested-corridor. After defeating all the enemies, head inside a small side-room on the right side to find it.

Assault Rifle
At the very start of Chapter 7: Colony, you’ll be asked to find a Keycard to progress ahead. To get the Keycard, you’ll need to climb up the ladder and enter the ‘Security’ room. Before progressing ahead, make sure to search the nearby bathroom in order to find the Assault Rifle.

These are all the Weapons in The Callisto Protocol. For some more tips and strategies, you can see our The Callisto Protocol wiki page.

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